Rome in the News, September 2015

Some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month:


Donald Trump’s model calls Pope Francis a ‘false prophet’

Globalist Documents Reveal America to Lose WW III Along With 90% of Its Population

Itinerary for Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. – things to consider

Jeb Bush says Pope is reminder of need for ‘religious freedom’ in coded attack on Obama

Obama’s Duplicitous Remarks Welcoming Pope Francis

Pope Francis is wrong in appealing for aid to sea of refugees; this is actually a Muslim invasion of Europe, says Hungarian bishop

Pope to the White House — a scene once unthinkable

President Obama will greet Pope Francis at his plane when he arrives in September – an extraordinary gesture granted to few world leaders

Protestantism Derailed, America Betrayed: Why the Pope Should Feel Right at Home Here

One World Everything:

Born Again Babylon: U.N. Plan To Bring In Luciferian Global State

Diplomats warn of ‘blood on the walls’ after EU leaders stitch up deal to force Eastern European countries to take their share of 160,000 refugees

In New York, Pope Francis Embraced Chrislam And Laid A Foundation For A One World Religion

Now the meddling UN sends lawyer to Britain to probe whether benefits reforms ‘violate the human rights of the disabled’

Pope says Koran is a book of peace and Islam is a peaceful religion

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven

What Pope Francis really said about atheists

Pope Francis speaks with God

This Happened In September: The UN Launched ‘The Global Goals’ – A Blueprint For A United World


A pontiff unafraid to look Castro right in the eye: Pope Francis gives Fidel a book by a Jesuit teacher forced to flee from his communist regime and speaks against ‘service to ideology’ during historic meeting

Absolving Sins – Blasphemy

Catechizing sodomy and lesbianism

Catholics can now remarry after they are divorced, senior cardinals say… but only if they abstain from sex

Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican

Exo Vaticana | Re-educate | Integrate | Incorporate | Exterminate

Fox News Sunday – amazing statements about the Pope made in the interview

Gay couples could get the Pope’s blessing: Francis set to discuss plans with cardinals at key Vatican gathering next month

No hugging, no bare shoulders, no short skirts and no SELFIES: Congress told to behave when Pope Francis arrives – and he should be the only one wearing white

Pope Calls Jesus, the Cross, a Failure #StillProtesting

Pope calls on Europe’s churches to shelter migrants who are ‘fleeing death from war or hunger’ as he reveals the Vatican will house two refugee families

Pope feels ‘used’ by fake friends

Pope tells religious orders they should lose their tax breaks if they refuse to take in migrants and are more interested in making money than helping the needy

Pope Francis’ chair for MSG Mass revealed

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’

Pope Francis grants Catholic priests the right to forgive women who have had abortions

Pope Francis, I’d like you to meet a pro-choice nun, a gay bishop and a transgender woman – the very eclectic guests at White House reception next week


Pope Francis reforms marriage annulments, making it easier for thousands of divorced and remarried Catholics ‘living in sin to rejoin the Church’

Pope Francis will do most of his 18 speeches in Spanish during his upcoming tour of Cuba and America

Pope Francis will meet Fidel Castro on his forthcoming trip to Cuba if the revolutionary leader is well enough

Radical homosexual priest appointed to Vatican says gay sex can express Jesus’ “self-gift”

Roman Catholic undermining of American Politics

Sanhedrin Taking the Pope and Obama To Court and You Won’t Believe Their Added Addendum—Hint “Third Temple”

Spotlight Trailer: Movie About Exposure of Catholic Church Sex Abuse

St Peter’s original distinctive benediction sign ‘was caused by nerve damage that stopped him giving Spock greeting’

#StillProtesting: Why We Still Resist the AntiChrist of Rome

The Pope Appeareth

The PR Pope Was Picked To Save The Vatican…Not The World

To Conservative Roman Catholics, “Pope Francis” is Like the Borgia Popes