Dr. Ronald Cooke Books and Pamphlets

Here are links to some of Dr. Ronald Cooke’s materials on the Papal Antichrist:

Papal_BeastThe Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy: http://www.granddesignexposed.com/download/nwo.html

The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy (1985), Mystery Confusion (Jesuit Vaticanomy Around the World) (1999), Debacle in Yugoslavia, what happened really?, Papal Theonomy and America Today (2002), The Popes of Rome (1999):  http://www.arcticbeacon.com/greg/university-of-hidden-history/dr-ronald-cooke-pamplets/


2 thoughts on “Dr. Ronald Cooke Books and Pamphlets”

  1. Yes, thank you and Tupper Saussy who writes the painstaking research “Rulers of Evil”
    Side note: All so-called Protestants, stop or admonish your leaders from
    from joining, subjecting and paying homage to the ecumenical councils of Rome and disavowing, discrediting and apologizing to Rome for Luther and others of the Reformation. They sold their souls for filthy lucre and false power.

    Also, return to worship and honor only our heavenly Father and his Sabbath day’s, feasts and appointed times as He commands us and gives us as the sign of His authority and covenant with us.

    None of us need an earthly King who will rob all our inheritance from us as our Father told Samuel to tell his people.

    None of us need a paid preacher who benefits from, is restricted by, bows to, revels in and honors STATE over God to interpret God’s word and will to us. His lips bely his/her acts. Judge by their fruits and compare such acts and words to Scripture and learn the truth. The truth will set you free.

    Read Scripture and expose the darkness yourself, with like-minded friends and disciples in Jesus Christ through diligent study and prayer to our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ, our Saviour, the Son of God and Man of heaven, Bethlehem and Nazareth; the King of God’s people as it is written by Pilot the Roman Praetor in three major tongues of the world.

    Get to know the Geneva Bible which is the Bible of the Reformation buried in 1640 by the English aristocracy who authored the King James Version of lies. The Geneva Bible’s 1599 edition is revived today plain English language by Tolle Lege Press. A facsimile of the original 1560 edition written in middle English anonymously and under threat and pain of death by burning without Rome’s copyright or wishes is also available. God brought them back as He reveals all that is hidden.

    Stop worshipping Rome’s Sunday of rest and all its Babylonian pagan worship days like Xmas and New Years and Easter or Ishtar and all the invented Queen of Heaven homage days and doctrines which all are an abomination to our Maker.

    Stop calling yourself a Christian which is a Roman/Greek derogatory term begotten from the Greek Christianosos meaning wicked and anti-Christ. If you are a child, man, son and heir of God with and through Jesus Christ, then say so and walk in the Spirit as Jesus instructs us from the Mount and as Paul, James, Peter, John and Jude define in their letters.

    Love your Father and Mother, your brother and sister, your friend and enemy as Jesus loves us and as ye love yourselves

    Go out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues:

    know the times revealed to us. Watch

    I love you all, thank you for reading

    me, a child, man, son and heir of God with and through Jesus Christ who makes me whole without gold, silver or fiat of the world

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