211 Reasons to Question Premillennialism


sovereigngrace on the Puritan Board questions the theology of premillennialism:

“The 4 biggest weaknesses of Premil in my opinion are (1) the detail Premils attribute to Revelation 20 compared to what it actually says are poles apart, (2) the fact that their interpretation of Revelation 20 contradicts numerous explicit climactic Scripture, (3) they are always explaining away the clear and explicit New Testament Scripture (the fuller revelation) by the shadow, type and vaguer Old Testament, and (4) the severe lack of corroboration Premils have for all their fundamental beliefs. Whether you look at the binding of Satan, the release of Satan 1,000 years after the second coming, the restoration of animal sacrifices in an alleged future millennium, two different judgment days, two different resurrection days, the rebellion of the wicked at the end of the millennium, these enjoy no other support in Scripture. I struggle with this, because the only way to authenticate and understand any doctrine is interpret it with other Scripture. Since abandoning the doctrine I have been building a catalog of holes that I have found. These are questions that I feel expose the fragility of the doctrine and are grounds for Premils to question it.

1. When does the book of Revelation say the new heavens and a new earth are ushered in – before or after the millennium?

2. When does the book of Revelation say “the holy city, new Jerusalem” arrives – before or after the millennium?

3. When is corruption completely and eternally removed from the earth?

4. Where does Scripture locate “the last days” – before or after the Second Coming?

5. Where does Scripture locate “the last day” – at or after the Second Coming?

6. What does “last” mean?

7. What does “the end” mean?

8. What Scripture, if any, do you consider definitely corroborates the Premillennial interpretation of Revelation 20 that there will be a literal 1,000 years+ of ongoing sin, death and rebellion after the Second Coming?

9. Where exactly in Revelation 20 or anywhere else does it say that Christ will reign on earth for 1,000 years?

10. What will Christ be doing during that 1,000 years? Please list clear Scriptures.”

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