You’d Best Not Talk About Religion…


“Do you know why your father sent ye all the way out here?” he asked.

“To keep me safe,” Ransom answered.

“From who?” Hamish asked.  This time his voice bellowed.

“Well…from those that hate the reformists and the Protestants–“

“And so yer father sends he here!” Hamish thundered.  “To the Highlands–where the Pope has more followers than in Vatican City itself!”

“Hush now, Hamish,” Rhona admonished him.

“Well, where’s the lie in it?” Hamish roared back.

“I don’t understand…” Ransom said.

“What Mr. Chisholm is trying to say,” Rhona said diplomatically, “is that you are safe with us–but that most of the clans in the Highlands have a heart for the Romish Church–and that when you attend the ceilidh, you’d best not talk about religion…”

Source: Crown of Fire by Craig & Janet Parshall, page 131