Rome in the News, August 2015

Some Rome and eschatology related headlines that have recently caught my eye:

One World Everything

Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue: Two False Religions Looking for the “Ultimate Truth”

France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government

Francis to become first pope to address Congress while on U.S.-Cuba tour where he’ll also meet with homeless, prisoners and immigrants

Historic meeting between Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox head ‘getting closer’

Pope invites Oprah, Matt Damon and Ari Emanuel to the Vatican ‘to talk about influence of media on values of young people worldwide’

Putin uses church as foreign-policy tool

The Coming Destruction Of The Vatican (video – seems to be a mix of futurism and historicism)

The Pope Is Going to Tell You What Lies In Your Future and You Better Listen

The Pope’s new world order: Francis calls for the ‘goods of the Earth’ to be shared by everyone – not exploited by the rich at the expense of the poor

Roman Catholicism/The Vatican

Articles of faith: Haunting images of Italy’s ‘incorruptible’ preserved saints whose bodies are displayed for thousands to worship

Former Vatican ambassador accused of child abuse dies just weeks after he was taken ill on the eve of his trial for paying to have sex with boys

‘I am married to Jesus’: Consecrated virgin, 38, marries God in wedding ceremony that attracts hundreds

Is this the miracle of St Charbel’s? The amazing footage Sydney parishioners say shows the Virgin Mary’s lips MOVING in a painting as they say the Hail Mary

Italian lesbian author gets papal blessing

Latin Mass Society and Occult Hand Signs

Names of 37 million cheating spouses are leaked online: Hackers dump huge data file revealing clients of adultery website Ashley Madison – including bankers, UN and Vatican staff

Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness For Catholic Church’s Persecution Of Waldensians

Pope Francis draws millions in tour of Ecuador

Pope Francis hints he may quit one day just like Benedict as he says Church shouldn’t have ‘leaders for life’

Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican

Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican, more comments on the National Geographic article

Pope Francis: ‘Whoever Will Not Work Should Not Eat’

American Politics

Focus shifts to shared goals with Obama as papal visit nears

‘I’m gonna have to scare the Pope’: Trump says he would warn pontiff that ‘ISIS want to get you’ if he criticized capitalism on his visit to America next month

Immigration Could Get Push From Pope Francis

Pope Francis Aims for Raw Political Power with September 23rd Address to Congress


A City Hall paralysed by the Mafia, airport part-closed and public transport hit by strikes: Why Rome is ‘on the verge of collapse’

Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The World