The End of the Papacy’s Temporal Power (2015 Again)

2015 at the earliest:


5 thoughts on “The End of the Papacy’s Temporal Power (2015 Again)”

    1. To be honest, I haven’t read the entire thing. But I did think it was interesting that so many of the older writers point to this time period as being the end of the Papacy.

      1. Meg, all I can say is wow, especially in light of the scandals being exposed and crimes litigated, and defendants winning in abuse cases. Unless I’m mistaken, this is something new. Books have been written, such as, Hitler’s Pope, etc. And yet, the deception is still strong. So, is it a gradual destruction? But how can that be when Revelation speaks of the fall of Babylon occurring in one day. How are we to understand this statement?

      2. As I understand it, in Historicist thought, it is both gradual and sudden. There is a slow decline per 2 Thessalonians that culminates in a sudden end per Revelation 17, if that makes sense. If I can find the chance, I’ll see if I can find a source on that — Bill Mencarow may have explained it in one of his sermons.

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