The Textus Receptus and Mark 16:9-20

via James Japan (TFI) on Mark 16:9-20 and the footnote, “these verses are not in the oldest, best, most reliable Greek manuscripts”:

Mark16-BOf the approximately 3,119 Greek manuscripts of the NT extant today, none is complete. The segment of text bearing Mark 16 has been lost from many, but over 1,800 contain the section and verses 9-20 are present in all but the 3 cited above. The footnote is thus unveiled and laid bare as dishonest and deliberately misleading in intimating that these verses are not the Word of God. The external evidence is massive. Not only is the Greek manuscript attestation ratio over 600 to 1 in support of the verses (1,800 to 3 =99.99%) – all but one of the approximately 8,000 extant Latin mss, all but one of the approximately 1,000 Syriac versions as well as all the over 2,000 known Greek Lectionaries contain the verses. Mark 16:9-20 were cited by Church “Fathers” who lived 150 years or more before Vaticanus B or Sinaiticus Aleph were written: Papias (c.100), Justin Martyr (c.150), Irenaeus (c.180), Tertullian (c.195), and Hippolytus (c.200; see: John Burgon, The Revision Revised, London: John Murray Pub, 1883, pp.422-423)…

…Erasmus was well aware of Vaticanus B and its variant readings in 1515 AD at which time he was preparing the New Testament Greek text. Because they read so differently from the vast majority of the approximately 200 mss he had already examined, Erasmus considered such readings spurious. For example, Vaticanus B leaves out “Mystery Babylon the Great”, “the seven heads that are the seven mountains upon which the harlot (the apostate religious system that began at Babel of which the Roman church is a part) sits”, and leaves out “the woman which is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth” which has seven mountains. All of this may be found in Revelation 17.

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Note: The author of James Japan belongs to The Family International but holds to a Protestant Historicist understanding of eschatology

The Papacy and the Number 153

Papal_BeastHere is a unique way of attempting to prove that the Papacy is Antichrist.  I haven’t come across this sort of thinking before!:

The Jesuit Wars


Note: The author of James Japan belongs to The Family International but holds to a Protestant Historicist understanding of eschatology

Why the Principles of the Reformation are NOT the cause of Sects and Heresies

Via Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation:

Taken from, “The Principles of the Reformation not the cause of Sects and Heresies
Written Rev. William Cunningham, D.D., 1805-1861.
WycliffeYeamesLollards 01There is no more common and favourite allegation of the Papists…

…than that the history of the Reformed Churches in general has fully established the unsound and dangerous character of the principles on which the Reformation was based, and especially of the two great Protestant principles of the right of private judgment, and of the sufficiency, perfection, and exclusive authority of the written Word as the rule of faith, the only available external source from which men’s convictions of truth and duty ought to be derived; and there is no doubt, that in skimming over the history of the Reformed Churches, they can easily enough collect materials which enable them to present a picture that seems at first sight to afford some countenance to the allegation. The topic on which chiefly they delight to dwell, when discussing this subject, is of course the number and variety of the different sects that have sprung up among Protestants, the differences and disputes that have arisen among men who all profess to be exercising the same right of private judgment, and to be following the same standard—the written Word. They are fond of stringing together the names of all the different sects that have sprung up among the Reformed Churches, the most obscure and insignificant as well as the most numerous and influential (often swelling the number by misrepresentation and by fabricating sects from the names of particular individuals, who may have held some peculiar opinions, but who had few or no followers in their singularities), and then representing the prevalence of all these sects as the natural and legitimate result and consequence of the Protestant principles above referred to. This has a plausible appearance to superficial thinkers, and it is not to be wondered at, that it should have a considerable influence on the minds of those who have been trained in the Church of Rome, in prejudicing them against Protestantism, and in preventing anything like a fair and impartial examination of its claims.

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Letting Their Guard Down

Mountains and Magnolias:

800px-Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_The_Tower_of_Babel_(Vienna)_-_Google_Art_Project_-_editedIf there is anything that is a central issue among Protestants in this current day it is the embarrassing lack of discernment among the “top men” of the evangelical world… However, there are also those of us who may fall into the other side of the trap, which is to be so shrill about everything that eventually we become like the boy who cried wolf… But when there is a mountain it does need pointed out with vigor, honesty, and not a small amount of graciousness.

…I want to focus on the main purpose of this post, which is the friendly dynamic which is growing between Rome and many well-known evangelical leaders.

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Modern Bibles Supporting Catholic Doctrine

Via James Japan:

Gospel of Mary“Author David W. Daniels points out in his book, Why They Changed the Bible, how all modern Bibles are increasingly slanted to support Rome’s pagan dogmas. An entire section is devoted to the scheme to include the Apocrypha in the Bible. He describes how the Bible societies were, from the beginning, infiltrated with Jesuits or Vatican sympathizers. Bible societies agreed not only to change text wording to favor unbiblical Catholic teaching, but to add in the Apocrypha whenever requested. Bible translators all over the world are subject to a 1960s agreement with the Vatican to add the Apocrypha to any translation if the Catholic people groups ask for it. The history and tragic results of this are detailed in Why They Changed the Bible.”

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Note: The author of this site belongs to The Family International but holds to a Protestant Historicist understanding of eschatology

What Is Mystery Babylon?


Israel & The Church in the Last Days on the identity of Mystery Babylon (note: no endorsement intended of the “idiot” part):

“During one of these lessons the young man who was teaching the class said something I thought odd. He said, “If we only knew what the Babylonian Mystery Religion was, we would know what to look for.” I thought to myself, why don’t we know what the Babylonian Mystery is? When I got home that night I went to my parent’s Encyclopedia Brittanica pulled out the Index and looked it up. It said, “see Mystery Religions”. Now I was really curious. So I turned to Mystery Religions and found columns of articles. Obviously my pastor and the young man had not availed themselves of an Encyclopedia. I sat and read these articles one after another till bed time, after which I decided that the pastor and this young man were idiots. Anyone with an Encyclopedia knows exactly what the Babylonian Mystery Religion was and is.”

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Even Catholics Think the Papacy is in Trouble

Dr. Kelly Bowring:

“March 13, 2014: ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF POPE FRANCIS; Two Hearts Press LLC ( I think Pope Francis is the Pope who fulfills the apocalyptic prophecy during the period relating to the last Pope of the Malachy prophecy. There simply is no more room for another Pope according to this prophecy before the final events unfold. A year ago, after examining the credible heavenly prophecies of our times and their relation to the election of the new Pope, I wrote an article explaining that it was “plausible” (seems reasonable, but not yet certain) that the prophecies might be true concerning their declaration that Pope Francis is the False Prophet.

Today, a year into his pontificate, mounting evidence of credible heavenly prophecy and of Pope Francis’ own actions, teachings and unfolding agenda that aligns with the prophecy have me now thinking it is not only plausible, but also even “possible” he is the False Prophet… it is quite possible.””

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If Not the Papacy, Then Who?

Via End Times Deceptions:

All Roads Lead To Rome

The prophecies of Daniel, Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, and John in Revelation,
all declare that Rome is the last beast of prophecy.

800px-WJT2005-RZ-Dino-vor-PlakatIt has changed forms over the years, but it is the kingdom that was in power during Jesus ministry, and it is the kingdom that will be destroyed by Jesus when He returns.

Satan reigned in the pagan Roman Empire, where he was worshiped through all of their false Gods. He used them to try to destroy the Early Church of Christ, killing millions.

Our Lord caused the Roman Empire to collapse, which made Satan lose his power.

Satan countered by empowering the Roman Catholic Church to rise up in its place.
He used them to burn Bibles and to kill over 50 million followers of Christ.

Our Lord caused the Roman Catholic Church to lose power through the Protestant Reformation, and then when the Pope was taken prisoner in 1798 A.D.

Satan countered by empowering the Jesuits to take control of the Catholic Church. They’re creating a New World Order, where he will be worshiped, and the saints attacked.

Our Lord will cause the Harlot Church to be burned and desolated, and He will destroy the scarlet beast of the Jesuits.

Let’s see how the prophecies of Daniel, Paul and John, all point to the beast of Rome.

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The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda

Earth Day Embrace

Another insightful article by Shawn Willcock:

Francis I’s Green Thumb-Sucking is Deceiving the World

  In the present article I am analysing and exposing the radical environmentalist agenda of the Vatican of the Jesuit pope, Francis I.  Space will not permit a detailed biblical refutation of the radical Green movement.  For such a refutation, see my pamphlet entitled The Green Goddess: Radical Environmentalism and “Mother Earth” Idolatry.[1]

This is also not an attack on sensible environmentalism.  True conservation is very necessary.  But as I wrote in The Green Goddess:radical environmentalism is a different thing entirely!  The fanatical belief that the world is approaching some kind of environmental apocalypse;  that the human race is some kind of cancer on the earth; that there are too many people in the world and the numbers must be drastically culled, via abortion, sterilisation, etc.; that modern farming methods utilising highly industrialised techniques must be abandoned in favour of a return to a pre-industrial age; that “global warming” is real and man-made and threatening the end of the world; that every life form, no matter how dangerous it might be to man, deserves to be protected even while human beings should be aborted; that we should all get weepy over the culling of elephants or seals while millions of human babies are murdered in their mothers’ wombs; that we should wear “Save the Planet” T-shirts yet think nothing of pushing a lethal needle into the arms of the elderly; and so much more along these lines.  This is radical environmentalism.  This is the worship of the Green Goddess.”

The present article is a lengthy one, but necessarily so, for the importance and significance of the Vatican’s deep involvement in the radical environmentalist agenda cannot be over-emphasised.  Great plots are afoot, massive social changes about which most are blissfully ignorant.  The world is, literally, on the brink of a fundamental social, economical, environmental, political and religious shift, with grave consequences for all.

Green is the New Red

That the radical environmentalist movement is a Communist movement, aimed at achieving the goals of international Communism via a cleverly-controlled “Green” agenda, is evident when the facts are studied.  But every now and then, one of those promoting the lie that “Green is the New Red” make it so blatantly obvious that only the wilfully blind will not thereafter acknowledge it.  One such moment occurred in January 2014, when the United Nations’ climate chief, Christiana Figueres, came right out and said that Communism is best for fighting “global warming”!  She said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting it, and that Communist China offered the best model.  Despite the fact that China is the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide, the country is “doing it right” with regards to fighting “global warming”, Figueres said.[2]

The evidence tells a very different story, and if radical environmentalists were really interested in the ecological “health” of the earth, they would never point to Communism as the solution; for in truth, “communism’s impact on the planet’s ecology has proven consistently ghastly…. The statistics for East Germany alone tell a horrific tale: at the time of its reunification with West Germany an estimated 42 percent of moving water and 24 percent of still waters were so polluted that they could not be used to process drinking water, almost half of the country’s lakes were considered dead or dying and unable to sustain fish or other forms of life, and only one-third of industrial sewage along with half of domestic sewage received treatment.”[3]  Why is this?  Why has Communism always been such a monumental failure when it comes to environmental protection?  Here is one reason: “communism means an absence of property rights, having all been surrendered to ‘the people,’ which is to say the state.  As that which belongs to everyone in fact belongs to no one, who is to be confronted over the factory sending toxic plumes into the sky which then descends on the cornfield, or the dumping of waste into the river plied by tourists on cruise boats?  And who really owns the cornfield or the boats?”  And here is another reason: “communism also simply cannot compete with capitalism in the production of wealth and technology, both of which greatly assist in addressing environmental problems.”[4]

The truth is that what radical environmentalists are interested in is power: absolute control of the global human population by the United Nations.  And this is Communism!  No wonder, then, that the UN’s climate chief pointed to Red China as a shining example of “doing it right”.  And yet just how “right” was China getting it even while she spoke?  To say “not very” would be a massive understatement.  “Air pollution readings spiked across China’s capital Beijing… prompting residents to don air masks and offices and homes to put electric air purifiers on overdrive.  Commuters across Beijing found themselves cloaked in a thick, gray haze as air pollution monitors across the city registered readings over 20 times the recommended exposure levels suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO).”[5]

Communism is not the answer to environmental degradation.  Communism has hugely contributed to environmental degradation.  But long ago the Reds realised that if they became Greens, they could achieve many of Communism’s goals by another means.  And they are succeeding worldwide.  The radical environmentalist movement is spearheading global Communism’s objective of world control, and of turning the masses into willing, obedient “sheeple” who will unquestioningly obey their masters, believing whatever they are told and all the time thinking it is “for their own good.”

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