Can We Get Past Our Disagreement With Rome?

The Protestant Pulpit:

Smetánka lékařská - zralá semena“Many would have the Evangelical church to believe that they are now in a post-Reformation era, wherein we can get past our disagreement with Rome. Yet, two things must be said to this. First, to be an Evangelical is to be a Protestant… If one loves the flowers of the doctrine of justification and the souls of men, then he must hate the weeds that would seek to choke out the only of poor souls.

Second, Rome has not changed… After decades of seeking rapprochement with Rome on this doctrine [justification], the World Federation of Lutherans received the reply that their conclusion were still under the curses and anathemas of Trent. To call impenitent Romanists “Christians” is to deny the faith once delivered to saints.”

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