Bishop Charles Wordsworth on Mystical Babylon

By Bishop Charles Wordsworth

Has not the Church of Rome fulfilled the Apocalypse in the eyes of men, and does she not proclaim her own identity with the Woman in the Apocalypse, even by the outward garb of scarlet, gold, precious stones, and pearls, in which she invests her Pontiff at his election, and in which she then displays him to the world?

And has not she fulfilled the Apocalypse, and proclaimed her own identity with the Woman whose name is Mystery, the Mother of Abominations, by commencing every Pontificate with making the Pontiff her own idol, by lifting him up on the hands of her Cardinals, and by placing him on God’s Altar, and by kneeling before him as he sits upon that Altar, and by kissing his feet? Does she not make herself the Mother of Idolatry, by paying such adoration as this in the person of her Cardinals, and by receiving it in the person of her Pope? And, by her long practice of this particular form of abomination, has she not identified herself with the Apocalyptic power, whose name is Mystery, and also with the “Mystery of Iniquity,” described by the Apostle St. Paul as enthroned in the Temple and Sanctuary of God. And by placing her Pontiff to be adored, like the Most High, in God’s presence on God’s Altar in a Christian Church, as Antiochus Epiphanes placed an idol to be adored on God’s Altar in the Temple at Jerusalem, has she not identified him with Lucifer, the King of Babylon, whose pride and fall are portrayed by Isaiah, and with the Abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, and by our Blessed Lord Himself?

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