Rome in the News, May 2015

Here are some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month (Note: some are older headlines that I missed posting last time):

A message from ‘His Excellency’ Sam Adams and ‘The Most Worshipful’ Paul Revere to the 21st Century: Time capsule buried by the real ‘Sons of Liberty’ opened after 220 years — Note the Masonic plaque that was in the capsule

‘Absolutely gutless’: Victims of church pedophiles slam Cardinal George Pell for failing to front abuse inquiry in Ballarat… as it’s revealed that just weeks ago he visited school where the most evil acts occurred

Changing face of American religion: How the US spiritual landscape has transformed as protestants lose majority status.  Three guesses as to which religion is replacing Protestantism

‘Father wants to cleanse you, 29’: Nun’s chilling words to a young boy, 5, who was given a NUMBER instead of a name when he was raped by a priest in ‘horror room’ for the first time

Francis and Obama: together on Palestine, Liberation Theology, and Marxism

‘I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet’: Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic clergyman George Pell accused of trying to bribe the nephew of rampant paedophile priest 

In Praise of The Pope, Amnesty, and Environmentalism: Meet the ERLC’s Russell Moore

In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet:  “And did you notice the language about “the world’s religions acting in unison”?  Clearly, the Vatican believes that it has the power to mobilize religious leaders all over the planet and have them work together to achieve the “UN’s sustainable development goals”.”

Installing ‘angel-hood’ on Christian persecutors.  President Obama: “I want to thank His Holiness Pope Francis, whose moral example shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be, rather than simply settling for the world as it is.” (KRCR News, April 22, 2015)

Matt Redman to headline Catholic youth event

Obama Warns of Anti-Globalization Sentiment in Both Parties

Pope ‘canonizes’ Abbas as ‘angel of peace’, betraying Iraqi nuns

Pope Francis is so impressive I might return to the Catholic Church, says Cuba’s Raul Castro

Pope Francis Meets With Female Head Of Church Of Sweden, Archbishop Antje Jackelén – note how all the leaders of so-called “Protestant” churches ape the Pope’s attire all the time.

The Pope embraces the religion of global warming

Pope to allow absolution of abortion during Holy Year

Pope’s top adviser blasts US climate skeptics

Roman Catholic Priests, Sex Abuse, and Cover-Up: They’re Still At It

State senator claims Vatican backs mandatory vaccination, because there are no fetal cells in vaccines

Terror and chaos – from whom?  A quote: “Why was Barack Hussein Obama calling for a “New World Order” in Europe before becoming America’s president claiming that there was “no other way”?”

The Catholic Roots of America’s Needless War with Russia

The tragic toll of child abuse: 12 of the 33 children in this 1973 class photo took their own lives after years of sexual and physical abuse at Ballarat Catholic school

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty

Vatican rewriting American Founding Father History

Victim of Catholic paedophile priests weeps as he recalls being raped multiple times throughout primary school and high school… and again when he went to ask for ADVICE on how to deal with the vile abuse

Why “Left Behind” Should Be Left Behind