Christians Rapped For Refusing to Pray to Hindu Deity

Three Christian lawmakers refused to partake of a HIndu prayer ritual at their state capitol.

The Episcopal church is not pleased with their action:

“It was therefore disappointing to me that certain senators protested his prayer and spoke disparagingly of his faith,” Nevada Episcopal Bishop Dan Edwards wrote in a letter to the Idaho Legislative Services office. “An apology certainly seems to be in order. … We believe that truth is best discovered where all viewpoints can be expressed.”

Neither is Rome:

“I find it sad that some legislators in Idaho could not respect the importance of religious diversity by their presence at a brief prayer,” added Charles T. Durante, vicar general of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno.

So be warned: If you’re a Christian, you may not call another religion “false” and refuse to participate in or approve of its rituals.  However, if you practice any other religion, you may call Christianity “false” and act accordingly.

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