2014 Mass Animal Deaths

Atibaia 2014-02-19 - Seca no Rio Atibaia (3) (13587504875)This is a little late, but here is a link to a list of all of the mass animal deaths that occurred last year:


This is not an endorsement of a Futurist view of prophecy or any other views on the site linked, but the information is interesting nonetheless.

See also this related article:

Why are so many animals dying? More mass death events occurring now than ever before, study claims


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    1. I skimmed their page and it definitely seems heterodox. Hence the disclaimer on this site :-). I can’t put a disclaimer on every single post but I don’t have a quibble with their record of news reports around the world so that is what I linked to.

      1. i’m working on it :-). I changed the wording of the post to say that it is not an endorsement of other views on the site.

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