Concerns About the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

"Тывалап чугаалажыылыңар". Чурук 15

The Sound of an Alarm has been highlighting some concerns with the new Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible.

In particular, it appears that some of the Bible’s notes appear to promote doctrinal error as well as Catholic doctrine.

Some of the issues raised with the notes and the Bible are as follows:

Please note that Dr. Beeke has addressed some of these criticisms as per The Sound of an Alarm:

To read more about what The Sound of an Alarm has posted on this topic, please visit this link:

9 thoughts on “Concerns About the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible”

  1. Hi, again! I forgot to say thank you for this important information. After reading it, I got on the phone with Reformation Heritage Books. The woman who spoke with me confirmed what the blogspot article said, that Dr. Beeke will be editing the problematic things in the next edition. Since the Bible has been shipped to me already, she gave me two good options: to refuse; or open it, look at it, then return it. Thanks again!

      1. Meg, after reading the articles you referenced here, I have my doubts that everything will be addressed.
        Guess what? It was in my mailbox today. To me, that is God’s Providence. I want to thank you again for the warning. God bless you!

      2. I just wish I had been able to get the post up sooner. I am battling some health issues at the moment that make regular posting difficult.

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