Rome in the News, April 2015

800px-Model_Vatican_2Note: Due to circumstances beyond my control, posting on this blog will be sporadic for the next little while.

I have been unable to regularly update and maintain this blog for the past few months.  However, during that time much has continued to happen around the world that relates to the content of this blog.

Here are some of the Rome and eschatology-related things that have occurred over the past few months:

Inside the Vatican

Archdiocese of Cologne reveals €3.35bn fortune

Catholic archdiocese in Minnesota files for bankruptcy in wake of huge sex abuse claims totaling up to $100million

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros ‘tucked away’: cardinal

Catholic Church is accused of blocking the appointment of the first ever gay ambassador to Vatican City

Islamic State: Vatican backs using military force

Pope infuriates Turkey by describing mass killings of Armenians 100 years ago as ‘genocide’

Pope sacks the head of his Swiss Guard for being ‘too strict’

Rome’s mafia scandal could lead to breakdown of law and order, says Vatican

Vatican condemns leaking of documents showing power struggle

Ecumenism and One World Everything…Coming Together and Falling Apart

Author: Vatican aligns with U.N. on ‘world governance’

Bill Gates Calls for One World Government

China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

Germany prepares for Greek exit from the euro as Angela Merkel finally runs out of patience with country’s new anti-austerity government

How the European dream is dying, state by state

Incan Pagan gods worshipped by Catholic Bishops

Look What Message The Vatican Papal Plane Is Proclaiming

Norwegian Muslim leader hails the Pope

Pietists And Romanists Together

‘Peace is always possible’: Pope Francis begs the world for an end to all wars in his New Year wish:

Pope Francis names 15 new cardinals from every corner of the world – including Tonga, Cape Verde and even Burma 

Pope Francis snubs the Dalai Lama at Nobel Peace Prize event

Pope Francis Unites Hindus, Muslims And Buddhists To Sign Pact With Rome

Pope says equating Islam with violence is wrong as he calls on religion’s leaders to issue global condemnation of terrorism

Rick Warren’s Capitulation to Rome

Rogue Catholic bishops plan to grow schismatic challenge to Rome

Sorry, Pope Francis: Protestants Are Converting Catholics Across Latin America

Time to tackle global warming running out, Pope tells climate summit

Vatican use of Population control word “sustainable” at UN worrisome

We remember! Greg Laurie’s joining of Hands with the Great Whore of Babylon-The Catholic Church. The “We Accuse” series


Lying Signs and Wonders

The weeping Jesus of Greece: Priests claim icon of Christ on the cross has been crying since general election victory for Syriza 

Vatican mummies are FAKES: Bones inside two of the collection’s ‘ancient’ Egyptian caskets date back to the Middle Ages

American Politics and Rome Behind The Scenes

Is the Pope the Super-boss of all government agencies as well as the Vatican?

Jeb Bush- The Openly Catholic Fascist 2016 Candidate For U.S. President

Pope Francis will become the first Pontiff ever to address US Congress

Papacy as Antichrist

Now even the Pope says he would PUNCH someone who insulted his mother as he says there are ‘limits to freedom of speech’ following Charlie Hebdo attack 

Cameron says the Pope is wrong to claim people who mock Islam and other religions should ‘expect a punch’

Catholic priest accused of abusing boys ‘was caught with child porn and sex toys but was just moved on by the church and escaped police charges’

Church Hires JK Rowling To Rewrite The Bible (SATIRE)

EXCLUSIVE – Children CAGED to keep the streets clean for the Pope: Police round up orphans and chain them in filth during pontiff’s visit to Philippines

Images of child abuse found in Vatican City

Is the Present Peaceful Face of Romanism Its Official Stand?

Ontario bishops’ general secretary has been actively supporting Wynne’s child abusive sex-ed

Ontario Catholic leadership meekly accepts Wynne Sex-ed while 70,000+ citizens oppose it

Pope condemns ‘deviant forms of religion’ in the wake of French massacre, accusing them of causing ‘the breakdown of society and spawning violence and death’ 

“Pope Francis”: Business as Usual in the Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope Francis condemns the death penalty ‘no matter how serious the crime’ and slams life imprisonment as a ‘covert execution that deprives inmates of hope

The Pope says Catholics do not need to ‘breed like rabbits’ and that ‘God gives people methods to be responsible’

Pope Francis: ‘You Cannot Be a Christian Outside the Church’

Pope’s servants in Spain raped altar boys

Victims of paedophile priests at Catholic seminary in Yorkshire speak of horrendous 1960s abuse as British police plead with Italian forces to extradite the last living cleric for questioning

Papal Time Running Out?

Pope Francis S.J. Feels “an ‘event’ … wipes him out, not a natural end”

Pope Francis says he accepts he may be assassinated – but asks God to make sure it doesn’t hurt because he is ‘a real wimp’

Pope Francis says he believes he will only remain as pontiff for another ‘two or three years’, sparking fears about his health

This is the end? Pope gives up cryptic hint


Angelina Jolie touches down in Rome with daughters Shiloh and Zahara… as she and Brad Pitt ‘prepare to meet Pope Francis’

Holy Altar constructed for 3rd Jewish Temple

WATCH: Pope illuminates world’s biggest Christmas tree using a tablet