A bundle of ridiculous ceremonies!

(Thomas Watson, “The Ten Commandments”)

“Flee from idolatry!” 1 Corinthians 10:14

Indulgence San Luigi dei Francesi” Pope Innoncent IV grants ten days of indulgence to whoever prays for the king of France. Followed by a mention of Thomas de Aquino’s Super Sententiis’, lib. 4 d. 20 q. 1 a. 3 qc. 3 ad 2.”

It is idolatry, not only to worship a false god—but
to worship the true God in a false manner.

See the goodness of God to our nation, in delivering us
from popery, which is Romish idolatry—and causing the
light of His truth to break forth gloriously among us. In
former times, England was overspread with idolatry.
We had . . .
the idolatrous mass,
prayers to saints and angels,
and image-worship.

What is the popish religion, but a bundle of ridiculous
Their candles, beads, crucifixes; what are
these but Satan’s policy, to dress up a carnal worship,
fitted to carnal minds!
Oh! what cause have we to bless
God for delivering us from popery! It was a mercy to be
delivered from the Spanish invasion; but it is a far greater
mercy to be delivered from the popish religion!

“What have I to do any more with idols?” Hosea 14:8


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