Rome in the News, November 2014

800px-Model_Vatican_2Here are some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month:

Anglicans take lead from the Pope, says bishop

Bible too far-fetched even for me, says Pope

David Cameron warns of looming second global crash

Did a pope and an emperor team up to erase 300 years of history?

End of communism not all good for Christianity: Vatican

EU is in serious trouble and it’s not Russia’s fault

European Commission president squirms as MEPs cheer the Pope during speech that blasts the EU for being ‘downright harmful’ to its own people

Exclusive – Cardinal Burke: Church Risks Serious Tensions in Months Ahead

Francis warns greed of man will ‘destroy the world’: Pope says earth will not forgive abuse of its resources for profit and urges world leaders to help the hungry

It’s official! Pope Francis announces 2015 visit to US

Islamic State—Pope Calls For International Consensus

Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be The Most Important Step Toward A One World Economic System

Pope Francis reassigns conservative American cardinal

Pope Francis agitates conservative U.S. Catholics

Pope Francis And Rick Warren To Unite For Global Chrislam Conference

Pope Francis: ‘Caring for the poor does not make you a communist’

Pope Francis in Turkey urges faiths to combat fanaticism

Pope Francis: ‘Pagan’ Christians ‘in Name Only’ are ‘Enemies of the Cross’

Pope Francis to European Union: Keep Democracy Alive!

Pope: I fear an escalation in the Holy Land

Pope Urges ‘Aged and Weary’ Europe to Accept Migrants and Reject Hunger

Rev. Billy Graham: ‘America is Just as Wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah Ever Were’

Rick Warren, The Pope & A Warning

Russell Moore, Rick Warren To Join Vatican Conference On Marriage And Family Life

Student told he can’t openly disagree with gay marriage in class at Jesuit college

The Fallacy of Pope Francis

The Oily Voice of the Serpent; and Jesuits: The Engineer Corps of Hell

The Pope’s Embrace Of Evolution Brings Us One Step Closer To A One World Religion

The power of Christ may compel U.S. bishops to adopt exorcism ritual book

The Vatican gave us a ‘slap in the face’ by criticizing 29-year-old cancer victim Britney Maynard for killing herself, says her mom

Three priests and a religious education teacher are arrested in Spain after former altar boy writes to Pope claiming he was molested by paedophile ring

Top Vatican prosecutor failed to report abuser

YouVersion & the Pope: Is Bobby Gruenewald’s Visit to the Vatican A Good Thing?

Popery Is

Jean-Baptiste Oudry - Le loup et l'agneauPopery is-
a lamb when inferior,
a fox in equality, and
a wolf when superior.

 -John Davies

The dark ages?

the old church nestled in the woods.From Spurgeon’s sermon, “The Standard Uplifted
in the Face of the Foe” No. 718. Isaiah 59:19.

In 325, Emperor Constantine, for reasons of state
craft and subtle policy, made Christianity the national
religion, and thus struck the most fearful blow at
the vitals of Christianity. The union of church and
state is a fatal blow to true religion. The king’s
hand wherever it falls upon the church of Christ
brings the king’s evil with it. There never was a
church whose spirituality survived it yet, and there
never will be.

Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and if we
try to marry the church of Christ to a worldly
kingdom, we engender innumerable mischiefs.

So it happened that when the church became
outwardly glorious she became spiritually debased.
Her communion table glittered with gold and silver plate,
but her communion with Christ was not so golden as
before. Her ministers were enriched, but their doctrine
was impoverished. For every ounce of outward gold which
she gained, she lost a treasure of grace. Her bishops
became lords, and her flocks were famished. Her humble
meeting-places were exchanged for grand basilicas, but
the true glory was departed.

She became like the heathen around her, and began
to set up the images of her saints, until at last, after
years of gradual declension, the Church of Rome
ceased to be the church of Christ, and that which
was once nominally the church of Christ actually
became the Antichrist.

Black darkness covered the lands, and the dark ages set
in. Instead of pardon bought with the blood of Jesus, false
priests made merchandise of souls, and pardons were
hawked in the streets. Instead of deacons and elders
adorned with holiness and purity; monks, and nuns, and
priests, and even popes became monsters of filthiness.
Instead of justification by faith, men proclaimed justification
by pilgrimages and by penances. The crucifix took the place
of Christ Jesus, and a piece of bread was lifted up as a god,
and men bowed before it, and said, “These be your gods, O
Israel, that redeemed you from the wrath to come.”

Witness Against the Jesuits

This video contains many interesting quotes about the Jesuits.  It appears to be made by some Seventh Day Adventists and contains some questionable/controversial quotes so keep that in mind:

You will drown, Sir Priest!

The following is from Spurgeon’s sermon,
“Noah’s Flood” #823. Matthew 24:39,

Granite Falls 26534“The flood came and took them all away.”

The destruction caused by the deluge
was universal. It did not merely sweep
away some who were outside of the
ark, but it swept them all away.

I doubt not that among those who perished
in Noah’s flood, there were many who were
very zealous in the cause of religion.

But when the flood came, these men being
outside of the ark, whether priests or not,
did not escape; it swept them all away.

O you who wear the robes of priesthood,
and profess to be sent of God to teach
others, with all your boasted magical powers,
if you do not believe in Jesus as poor guilty
sinners, and look up to the cross alone for
your salvation, when the flood comes it will
sweep you all away.

You will drown, Sir Priest
, despite your
baptismal regeneration and your sacramental
efficacy! You will sink with a lying absolution
on your lips down to the nethermost hell!
In that day of wrath, the fiery deluge shall
sweep you also all away.

The flood shall sweep away all at last-
whether religious or profane, for they have
not fled to the ark, and so have rejected
the one only shelter.

“The flood came and took them all away.”

It all hinges on this one matter-
inside or outside the ark. (Christ)

Those inside the ark may have a thousand
imperfections, but all are saved without a
single exception at last!

Those outside the ark may have a thousand
excellencies, but all are drowned without a
single exception at last! They all perished
in the universal destruction.

Here is the solemn thought.
Here is a rule without an exception-
All outside of Christ lost; all in Christ saved.
All unbelievers perishing; all believers saved.

Dictatus Papae

Gregor7 CanossaEmperor Heinrich IV before Pope Gregory VII in Canossa

From Gregory VII’s Register for the year 1075 (There is some dispute as to exactly which Pope wrote this and when) [emphasis added]:

  1. That the Roman church was founded by God alone.
  2. That the Roman pontiff alone can with right be called universal.
  3. That he alone can depose or reinstate bishops.
  4. That, in a council his legate, even if a lower grade, is above all bishops, and can pass sentence of deposition against them.
  5. That the pope may depose the absent.
  6. That, among other things, we ought not to remain in the same house with those excommunicated by him.
  7. That for him alone is it lawful, according to the needs of the time, to make new laws, to assemble together new congregations, to make an abbey of a canonry; and, on the other hand, to divide a rich bishopric and unite the poor ones.
  8. That he alone may use the imperial insignia.
  9. That of the pope alone all princes shall kiss the feet.
  10. That his name alone shall be spoken in the churches.
  11. That this title [Pope] is unique in the world.
  12. That it may be permitted to him to depose emperors.
  13. That he may be permitted to transfer bishops if need be.
  14. That he has power to ordain a clerk of any church he may wish.
  15. That he who is ordained by him may preside over another church, but may not hold a subordinate position; and that such a one may not receive a higher grade from any bishop.
  16. That no synod shall be called a general one without his order.
  17. That no chapter and no book shall be considered canonical without his authority.
  18. That a sentence passed by him may be retracted by no one; and that he himself, alone of all, may retract it.
  19. That he himself may be judged by no one.
  20. That no one shall dare to condemn one who appeals to the apostolic chair.
  21. That to the latter should be referred the more important cases of every church.
  22. That the Roman church has never erred; nor will it err to all eternity, the Scripture bearing witness.
  23. That the Roman pontiff, if he have been canonically ordained, is undoubtedly made holy by the merits of St. Peter; St. Ennodius, bishop of Pavia, bearing witness, and many holy fathers agreeing with him. As is contained in the decrees of St. Symmachus the pope.
  24. That, by his command and consent, it may be lawful for subordinates to bring accusations.
  25. That he may depose and reinstate bishops without assembling a synod.
  26. That he who is not at peace with the Roman church shall not be considered catholic.
  27. That he may absolve subjects from their fealty to wicked men.


Satan’s Vicar

John Angell James, “Christian Hope,” 1859:

600px-Saint_Peter's_Square_from_the_dome_v2The three great works of the devil are . . .
and Popery.

The Mohammedan power, symbolized in the book of the Apocalypse by the “false Prophet,” is, with the Papal Beast, to be cast into the lake which burns with brimstone and fire.

We are aware of the dreadful nature of Popery. We regard Popery as the masterpiece of Satanic deceit and  malice–his richest trophy, and his proudest triumph. The Pope is more Satan’s Vicar, than that of Christ, upon earth. And the Vatican his chosen seat of dominion among men.

Idolatry was a prominent Satanic invention. Mohammedanism was a mighty stretch of diabolical craft. But Popery transcends both! The other two were devices outside the pale of Christianity–Popery is within it. They opposed Christianity–Popery corrupts it. They try to destroy it–Popery goes far to make it destroy itself!

Truth about Preterism, Futurism, Anti-Christ, Rapture and 70 Weeks of Daniel – Tom Friess

An interesting discussion between Tom Freiss and Lorries Talk News Radio:

Salvation by ceremonies?

Spurgeon, “Hope, Yet No Hope. No Hope, Yet Hope”:

1427664_54442136I turn with loathing from gaudily decorated churches,
dedicated to salvation by ceremonies, daubed with paint, smothered with glitter, and bedizened with pictures, dolls, and all sorts of baby prettinesses.

I turned aside from them uttering, “If your god accepts
such rubbish as this, he is no God to me- my God is too sublime, too noble, too great minded to take delight in your genuflections, and stage play devotions.”

When I behold processions with banners, and crosses,
and smoking censers, and see men who claimed to be
sent of God, and yet dress themselves like Tom-fools,
I do not care for their god, but reckon that it was some
heathenish idol whom I scoff at and despise.

Has it never struck you that ceremonial salvation
would be a very wicked way of salvation?
What is there, for instance, about drops of baptismal
water which could make men better? What is there
about confirmation that should assure you of the
forgiveness of your sins? What is there about
receiving a piece of bread and drinking a drop
of wine that should confer grace?
Might you not remain as bad at heart and as wicked
after all these ceremonies as you were before?

And is it not a violation of the eternal principles of
morality that a man should be endowed with grace
while still his soul clings to sin?

Now, if there be no effect in water to make you hate
sin, and no result from the priest’s hands to make you
love God, and no result from sacraments to make you
holy and heavenly-minded, why do you trust in them?

Surely it is immoral in the highest degree to tell a
man that by outward ceremonies, which cannot
change the life, he shall have his sin forgiven!

The gospel gives not a vestige of confidence to anybody
who hopes to be saved by the performances of ritualism.

The gospel is so simple, so divine; how is it that so
many cast it aside, and take up with these sillinesses
which are the inventions of man?

Only divine grace can turn you from the delusive path
of trusting in vain religious ceremonies for salvation!

“People Are Not Judges Of Their Princes”

Pope Nicholas I to Catholic bishops in Lorraine:

Nicholas I“You affirm that you are submissive to your sovereign, in order to obey the words of the apostle Peter, who said, ‘Be subject to the prince, because he is above all mortals in this world.’ But you appear to forget that we, as the vicar of Christ, have the right to judge all men: thus, before obeying kings, you owe obedience to us; and if we declare a monarch guilty, you should reject him from your communion until we pardon him.

“We alone have the power to bind and to loose, to absolve Nero and to condemn him; and Christians can not, under penalty of excommunication, execute other judgment than ours, which alone is infallible. People are not the judges of their princes; they should obey without murmuring the most iniquitous orders; they should bow their foreheads under the chastisements which it pleases kings to inflict on them, for a sovereign can violate the fundamental laws of the State, and seize upon the wealth of the citizen, by imposts or by confiscations; he can even dispose of their lives, without any of his subjects having the right to address to him simple remonstrances. But if we declare a king heretical and sacrilegious, if we drive him from the Church, clergy and laity, whatever their rank, are freed from their oaths of fidelity, and may revolt against his power.”

(Source: A Complete History of the Popes of Rome, from Saint Peter, the First Bishop to Pius the Ninth, the Present Pope: Including the History of Saints Martyrs, Fathers of the Church, Religious Orders, Cardinals, Inquisitions, Schisms and the Great Reformers (Google eBook), by Louis Marie DeCormenin, James L. Gihon, 1857, p. 242.)