Rome in the News, October 2014

800px-Model_Vatican_2Here are some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month:

A meal fit for a Pope: Swiss Guards produce cookbook on Pontiff’s favourite meals 

A New Symbol in Catholic Heraldry: “The Tree of All Religions”

Archbishop admits ‘rampant’ child abuse at UK church (Church of England)

Archbishop ‘put welfare of sex abuser priest before child victims’: Judge says actions allowed paedophile to escape exposure or punishment

‘Catholic bishop stole my wife – and despite proof of their obsessive relationship he STILL denies it’: Fury of wealthy husband betrayed by senior church leader

Catholic bishops gather in Rome for ‘extraordinary synod’ as reformers try to overturn longstanding Church rules on marriage and divorce

Elton John brands Pope Francis ‘my hero’ for his push to accept gays and tells AIDS fundraiser ‘make him a saint already’

Halloween really IS evil, says Vatican, and should be replaced with HOLYWEEN so children can dress up as saints and pray

Infographic reveals countries that drink the most wine and beer in the world. We’re looking at you, the Vatican . . .

Is Catholic Church preparing to be more friendly to gays? Talks on sexuality are taking ‘step in right direction’ say homosexual groups 

Is nothing sacred? Pope hires out Sistine Chapel to Porsche – at same time as limiting ordinary visitor numbers

‘It’s disrespectful’: Sinéad O’Connor claims to have been asked to perform with the Pope at the American Music Awards

Judge settles groundbreaking case of Minnesota Catholic church leaders allowing abusive priest access to children

Massive Vatican shift on gay sex: Summit on ‘family life’ says unmarried couples living together can be ‘positive’, gays and divorcees must be welcomed and contraception ‘respected’

New Tone on Sexual Immorality at Vatican

Catholic bishops scrap plans to ‘welcome’ gay members after landmark summit on family issues ends in deep divisions

God is not afraid of new things, Pope tells Catholics after his plans to soften church’s attitude towards homosexuals were rejected by Synod

Meet the elderly couple who made the Pope blush when they revealed to the Vatican how their great sex life led to a strong marriage

‘My brother was told God didn’t love him’: Ariana Grande reveals she turned to Kabbalah after her homosexual brother was shunned by the Catholic Church

No Big Bang without God, Says Pope Francis

Now ISIS boasts about invading the Vatican: Propaganda magazine says terrorists will ‘conquer’ Rome and ‘break your crosses’

Pennsylvania diocese orders Catholic high school wrestlers to forfeit if they’re matched against a woman

Pervert priests who posed nude for gay websites, sexually harassed parishioners and stealing Communion cash in Italy are set to be investigated by the Pope

Pope Blesses Work of Exorcists

Pope calls for abolition of prison life sentences, calling them ‘hidden’ death penalties that are purely for ‘revenge’

Pope Francis: ‘Corruption Is a Greater Evil than Sin’

Pope Francis says he believes in angels… and says we all have one who protects and helps us make decisions

Pope Francis: The Devil Works to Divide Christians

The Turin Shroud is just a medieval prop that was used in Easter plays, claims expert

Vatican Archbishop Found With More Than 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Washington, D.C.: “In 1669 “a parcell of land. . .called Rome. . .was layd out of Francis Pope. . .extending to the south of an inlet called Tiber”; this gentleman, “Pope of Rome on the Tiber”, was sheriff of Charles County, and, in all probability, a Catholic.”