Incremental, Barely Discernable Change

Basilique Saint-Pierre Vatican domeFrom a discussion of the Galileo affair:

It is a matter of historical record that additions or deletions to Roman church doctrine are carefully executed over several generations, the changes being thus less noticeable than if made quickly.

~ Ian T. Taylor, In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order, Expanded & Updated Sixth Edition, page 25

It seems to me that a similar thing has been going on with certain modern English Bible translations, only in those cases, the changes seem to be happening more and more frequently.

Eunomius A Prelude to Antichrist

Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, XI.V in NPNF2, 5: 239:

Gregory of NyssaDo ye not perceive that he stirs himself up against the Name at which all must bow, so that in time the Name of the Lord shall be heard no more, and instead of Christ Eunomius shall be brought into the Churches? Do ye not yet consider that this preaching of godlessness has been set on foot by the devil as a rehearsal, preparation, and prelude of the coming of Antichrist? For he who is ambitious of showing that his own words are more authoritative than those of Christ, and of transforming the faith from the Divine Names and the sacramental customs and tokens to his own deceit,—what else, I say, could he properly be called, but only Antichrist?

Source:, Comment #1 (Thank You, Reformed Covenanter!)