Rome in the News, September 2014

800px-Model_Vatican_2Here are some Rome and eschatology-related posts that caught my eye this past month:

Catholic children’s home in Northern Ireland was scene of ‘rampant’ sexual abuse of boys, inquiry hears

Franklin Graham: “So What! Chop It Off!”

Kissing an gold idol on the ring of the Pope

Mass confessions in Madrid for beatification of former leader of Catholic Opus Dei ‘cult’

Pope entrust Benin to “Our lady of Africa”

Pope Francis warns religion ‘shouldn’t be used for violence’ during visit to Muslim-majority Albania

Roman Catholic Bishop Prays at Franklin Graham’s Event

Roman Catholics parade a boneless skull in France

The Catholic corpse of Sevilla

‘Today there is a Third World War’: Pope Francis condemns ‘piecemeal’ world of war

Tony Palmer and the Collapse of Protestantism: “They told Francis they wanted to accept his invitation to seek visible unity with the Bishop of Rome and presented him with a proposed Declaration of Faith in Unity for Mission that the evangelicals had drawn up. They proposed that the Vatican and the leaders of major Protestant churches would sign it in Rome in 2017 on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Significantly, it would also be the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.” (writer appears to be SDA)

Umpire banned from cricket match at the Vatican over fears he ‘might be biased’ because his great-great grandfather was an Anglican bishop