What’s in a (Blasphemous) Name?

600px-Pope_Francis_in_March_2013Pope Francis’s official title:

His Holiness Francis, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the Vatican City State, Servant of the servants of God

Phil D. on the Puritan Board comments:

1… Holy Father.
This title of the pope is blasphemous on at least three levels:- [i] There is none holy but God (1 Samuel 2:2). [ii] Father, Jesus commanded that we call no man our father in a religious sense (Matthew 23:9). [iii] Holy Father, this title belongs solely to God the Father since it was used by the Lord Jesus Christ in one of His prayers (John 17:11).

2… Supreme Pontiff.
The dictionary defines ‘pontiff’ as ‘pope, high priest, bishop’. The full title actually means ‘Great High Priest’. The fact is, this title has already been claimed by the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Hebrews calls Him the “Great High Priest” (4:14, 8:1, 10:21). The thought being ‘Supreme Pontiff’ also includes the idea of ‘Chief Bishop’ or ‘Chief Shepherd’. Nevertheless even these titles have been given to the Lord by the apostle Peter (1 Peter 2:25, 5:4).

3… Vicar of Christ.
The title ‘vicar’ refers to a person being a representative or substitute. There is only one that fully represents Christ on this earth, not the pope of Rome, but the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit as “another Comforter” (John 14:16-17, 26, 15:26).

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f34/names-pope-83459/, Comment #2