Rome in the News, August 2014

800px-Model_Vatican_2Here are some items that caught my interest this past month:

Car crash in Argentina kills three of Pope Francis’s relatives

Pope Francis’s great-nephews aged two and eight months and their mother killed in car crash in Argentina


End Time Current Events: 8-17-14 — Part 2.  Headlines:

  • Tony Palmer, who captured Pope Francis’ bid for Christian unity with a cellphone, dies after motorcycle crash
  • Kenneth Copeland Recants and Returns To Catholicism!
  • Pope Meets With Heads Of ‘The Family’ Doug Coe In D.C. To Organize ‘Secret Invisible World Organization’
  • Obama Endorses Elitist Pseudo-Christian Organization “The Family”
  • Westmont President Gayle Beebe Invited to Meet with Pope Francis to discuss finding common ground between Protestants and Catholics
  • Tongues-Not Essential for Salvation


‘I only have two to three years left to live’: Pope Francis speaks for first time about his own death as he hints at ‘nerve problems’ and early retirement

ISIS Declares That They Will Invade Jerusalem, The Vatican, And Spain, And Destroy the Christian Cross

Italian politician claims he has been ‘cursed’ after orang-utan remark

Obama Appoints Jesuit

Oklahoma Catholic bishop sues over planned black mass

Satanic ‘black mass’ gets green light from U.S. city

Leave us alone, China tells the Pope: Officials warn Francis not to ‘interfere’ in atheist country’s religion after he said he wanted to visit

Pope endorses use of force to protect Iraq minorities from Islamic militants

Pope Francis should cast out Netanyahu’s demons, Nicaragua president says

Pope Francis urges young not to waste time on Internet and smartphones

Pope makes strong, silent anti-abortion statement

Pope says the violence in Iraq offends God and humanity

Pope Warns Personal Relationship with Jesus is Dangerous

Pope was ‘kind and dear’ during 20 minute phone call, reveal James Foley’s parents who have been ‘deeply comforted’ by his prayers

Questions About Tony Palmer’s Funeral

Revealed: How the ‘pop star’ Pope snubbed Mrs Thatcher and the Queen on historic first visit to Britain

Second World War sex slaves seek comfort from Pope decades after they were forced into brothels

The Pope’s 10 tips for happiness

The priest who abused girls at confession – and how the Catholic church kept it secret: Furious families demand the truth about string of child sex abuse scandals

Vatican orders Catholics to be ‘more restrained’ when performing the sign of peace… with a handshake instead of a kiss


The Rise and Demise of the EU: A Short History of A Big Failure

US Pillaged, Rothschilds Turn Sights On the Next Grand Prize: Russia