Keep at a Distance from Them

A warning against leagues with sinners and sin:


Book_of_Revelation015Hezekiah thought himself very happy in the friendship of Babylon, though it was the mother of harlots and idolatries; but Babylon, who now courted Jerusalem, in process of time conquered her and carried her captive. Leagues with sinners, and leagues with sin too, will end thus; it is therefore our wisdom to keep at a distance from them.

~ Matthew Henry on Isaiah 39

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Righteous Only by Faith in Christ

Lucas_Cranach_d.Ä._-_Martin_Luther,_1528_(Veste_Coburg)Formerly, when our hearts were blinded by errors in teachings from Rome, we imagined that God was a salesman who sold his grace in exchange for our works and achievements.

Now, however, since the light of the gospel has dawned, we know that we are credited as righteous only by faith in Christ. Our hearts throw out all self-chosen works and perform only the work of our calling and the works of love, which God commands.

~ Martin Luther


The Vatican-Obama Alliance

This is an older article, but still interesting:

 Shaun Willcock:

Pope Francis meets Barack ObamaU.S. President Barack Obama is not a Roman Catholic.  He is a Marxist, he attends a radical “church”, and he has strong connections with Islam.  But he is not a Romanist.  He is rabidly pro-abortion, which Rome, at least officially, is not, and he espouses certain other ideologies and causes which Rome, at least officially, does not.  Nevertheless, Obama is extremely close to the Roman Catholic institution, has been closely connected to and supported by certain radical Roman Catholic or Roman Catholic-supported organisations, and is in fact advancing Rome’s agenda for the United States.

Many Americans would be amazed and shocked at the close alliance between the U.S. Roman Catholic institution and various U.S. Marxist networks.  This is because it has not been so noticeable in the past.  In other parts of the world, particularly in Latin America and Africa, such Papist/Marxist collaboration has been open and visible for decades.  In South Africa, for example, the Roman Catholic “Church” played an immense part in supporting the Marxist terrorist organisations, such as the ANC of Nelson Mandela, in their revolution against the South African government.  Indeed, as I pointed out in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, “the revolution [in SA] would never have succeeded were it not for the enthusiastic, active and sustained support of… religious institutions, which, in the name of Christ, blasphemously threw their weight behind the Communist revolutionaries”.  It was a “revolution directed as much by those paying allegiance to the Vatican, and to Geneva, as to Moscow.”[i]

Now, however, it is America’s turn.  Marxist revolutions in South America and Africa always seemed remote to Americans.  They knew that the international Communist movement was picking off countries in these continents one by one, but they never thought America would ever be under threat.  And when Communism supposedly “collapsed” (a gigantic, well-planned smokescreen to fool the west), they felt even more secure.  But all the time, Marxist moles were at work in all layers of American society – and were being heavily supported by the “Church” of Rome. For Rome has for decades now seen the advantages of using the muscle of Marxism to achieve its own goals.[ii] And then one day Americans awoke to find they had a Marxist, pro-Muslim president who had been guided by Jesuits and other radical Papists in his early years.  But by then it was too late.

The one-world elite behind the scenes believe the time is now right to steer the United States of America into the New World Order; a Marxist world order.  And the Vatican has been fully supportive of this plan.

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Feileadh Mor


The absurd boast about “the march of intellect, the enlightened age, and the schoolmaster abroad,” has so bewildered the minds of men, that they now fancy that Satan is not so black as he used to be, that sin is not so ugly as it has been represented, and that the Man of Sin is not now the monster described in the word of God, nor so hostile to the well-being of society as in the dark ages: hence, the cloak of universal charity is cast over the, so-called, little little differences, and nominal Christians amalgamate with Papists, Socinians, and other Infidels; and pulpit orations, as well as the trash which emanates from the press, employ such ambiguous phraseology as shall not offend carnal-minded religionists of any class.

Where is now the difference between the Universities and the Dissenters’ Colleges, except in classical advantages? Do not the…

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“Common Sense,” Liberation Theology, and Revolution

Robert Bellarmine

Common sense philosophy essentially capitulated epistemology and anthropology to Romish presuppositions… [H]uman rationality took the place of God and His word as final arbiter of truth…just where the Jesuits and [Rome] wanted knowledge to start… Any philosophical system with a human rather than a divine foundation can never ultimately sustain Biblical Christianity… [S]uch humanistic philosophies…fail to take proper account of man’s total depravity…and…the thoroughly perverted nature of his reason and “common sense.” But…the fundamental premises…have characterized…even much of “conservative” American Presbyterianism to our own day.

…Witherspoon adopted the Jesuit Bellarmine’s political philosophy of revolution… If man is the foundation of knowledge, then surely man has the right to self-expression, and any ruler must have his consent to rule… It thus buys into every necessary pre-supposition of liberation theology and revolution.