Rome in the News, July 2014


Here are some of the Rome and related headlines that caught my eye this past month:

Is the EU just a German racket to take over Europe? Nearly 25 years ago, a Tory minister told DOMINIC LAWSON it was – and lost his job in the firestorm that followed. but was he right all along?


Archbishop Condemns Satanic ‘Black Mass’ at Okla. City Civic Center as ‘Sacrilegious’

As Spiritual Mediator, Francis Moves His Geopolitical Agenda Forward

Catholic League slams Obama: ‘Do Christian lives mean so little to you?’

Catholic officer sues Scotland Yard for ‘religious discrimination’ claiming he was ‘bullied’ by his Protestant boss 

Deformed for their faith: The brave ‘cullatori’ who suffer horrific calluses for the honour of carrying 2,000lb structures as part of Italian religious festival

French Catholics start a revolution at Lambeth Palace

God’s spinner: Tory peer Lord Patten becomes the Pope’s media advisor just two months after leaving BBC on health grounds

Grieving US mother who phoned Vatican to say she no longer believed in God after death of her son is stunned to get a call back

Heresy Preacher Priest Tony Palmer Dead After Urging Christians To Unite With Rome

Lord of the dance lures Catholics back

No more Godfathers? Vatican considering banning godparents at christenings in a bid to stop the Mafia from using them to create bonds between mob families 

One in 50 priests is a paedophile: Pope Francis says child abuse is ‘leprosy’ infecting the Catholic Church 

‘Papal aide tried to swindle €99m from inheritance left by Vatican land baron’

Pop icon Elton John calls Pope Francis “wonderful”

Pope prayed to father through mother

Pope puts another British woman on road to sainthood: Little-known 19th century Carmelite nun Sophie Leeves said to have lived life of ‘heroic virtue’

Pope says communists are closet Christians

Pope Francis attacks Rome’s ‘moral decay’: Pontiff cites child prostitutes and busy soup kitchens in his adopted home city during newspaper interview

Pope Francis Says Christians Do Not Exist Outside The Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis seeks ‘urgent intervention’ and protection of young US-bound migrants from Central and South America

Priest Claims Hate Texts Are From Demon Spirit

Report: Pope Francis to Visit U.S. in 2015

Rome Is Not Intimidated by ISIS Threats to Conquer it for the Caliphate

Shoebat: The Vatican Makes Itself The Seat Of The Antichrist, And Pope Francis Has Muslim Prayers Declared Within The Vatican For The First Time In Its History

Tweet success for the Pope: Francis beats Obama into second place as he is named the most influential user on the planet

UK sex abuse victim assaulted by paedophile priests describes ‘life-changing’ private meeting with the Pope who begged his forgiveness

Vatican formally recognises exorcists and grants priests the right to perform their rituals for the first time

And this:

(I watched this video but don’t remember seeing anything in it that related to its title)