Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors

Pope Pius IX
Here is a quote from the authoritative “Catholic” Encyclopedia:

For the Syllabus, as appears from the official communication of Cardinal Antonelli, is a decision given by the pope speaking as universal teacher and judge to Catholics the world over. All Catholics, therefore, are bound to accept the Syllabus. Exteriorly they may neither in word nor in writing oppose its contents; they must also assent to it interiorly. (Catholic Encyclopedia article Syllabus).

Read more: http://www.reformation.org/syllabus-of-pius9.html

This article states that the syllabus condemns:

  1. Bible Societies
  2. Protestantism
  3. Free public / state schools
  4. Free speech
  5. Modern civilization

It also insists that the Roman Catholic religion must be the ONLY religion of the state and that there must be NO separation of church and state.