“Common Sense,” Liberation Theology, and Revolution

Robert Bellarmine

Common sense philosophy essentially capitulated epistemology and anthropology to Romish presuppositions… [H]uman rationality took the place of God and His word as final arbiter of truth…just where the Jesuits and [Rome] wanted knowledge to start… Any philosophical system with a human rather than a divine foundation can never ultimately sustain Biblical Christianity… [S]uch humanistic philosophies…fail to take proper account of man’s total depravity…and…the thoroughly perverted nature of his reason and “common sense.” But…the fundamental premises…have characterized…even much of “conservative” American Presbyterianism to our own day.

…Witherspoon adopted the Jesuit Bellarmine’s political philosophy of revolution… If man is the foundation of knowledge, then surely man has the right to self-expression, and any ruler must have his consent to rule… It thus buys into every necessary pre-supposition of liberation theology and revolution.

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