Rome in the News, July 2014


Here are some of the Rome and related headlines that caught my eye this past month:

Is the EU just a German racket to take over Europe? Nearly 25 years ago, a Tory minister told DOMINIC LAWSON it was – and lost his job in the firestorm that followed. but was he right all along?


Archbishop Condemns Satanic ‘Black Mass’ at Okla. City Civic Center as ‘Sacrilegious’

As Spiritual Mediator, Francis Moves His Geopolitical Agenda Forward

Catholic League slams Obama: ‘Do Christian lives mean so little to you?’

Catholic officer sues Scotland Yard for ‘religious discrimination’ claiming he was ‘bullied’ by his Protestant boss 

Deformed for their faith: The brave ‘cullatori’ who suffer horrific calluses for the honour of carrying 2,000lb structures as part of Italian religious festival

French Catholics start a revolution at Lambeth Palace

God’s spinner: Tory peer Lord Patten becomes the Pope’s media advisor just two months after leaving BBC on health grounds

Grieving US mother who phoned Vatican to say she no longer believed in God after death of her son is stunned to get a call back

Heresy Preacher Priest Tony Palmer Dead After Urging Christians To Unite With Rome

Lord of the dance lures Catholics back

No more Godfathers? Vatican considering banning godparents at christenings in a bid to stop the Mafia from using them to create bonds between mob families 

One in 50 priests is a paedophile: Pope Francis says child abuse is ‘leprosy’ infecting the Catholic Church 

‘Papal aide tried to swindle €99m from inheritance left by Vatican land baron’

Pop icon Elton John calls Pope Francis “wonderful”

Pope prayed to father through mother

Pope puts another British woman on road to sainthood: Little-known 19th century Carmelite nun Sophie Leeves said to have lived life of ‘heroic virtue’

Pope says communists are closet Christians

Pope Francis attacks Rome’s ‘moral decay’: Pontiff cites child prostitutes and busy soup kitchens in his adopted home city during newspaper interview

Pope Francis Says Christians Do Not Exist Outside The Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis seeks ‘urgent intervention’ and protection of young US-bound migrants from Central and South America

Priest Claims Hate Texts Are From Demon Spirit

Report: Pope Francis to Visit U.S. in 2015

Rome Is Not Intimidated by ISIS Threats to Conquer it for the Caliphate

Shoebat: The Vatican Makes Itself The Seat Of The Antichrist, And Pope Francis Has Muslim Prayers Declared Within The Vatican For The First Time In Its History

Tweet success for the Pope: Francis beats Obama into second place as he is named the most influential user on the planet

UK sex abuse victim assaulted by paedophile priests describes ‘life-changing’ private meeting with the Pope who begged his forgiveness

Vatican formally recognises exorcists and grants priests the right to perform their rituals for the first time

And this:

(I watched this video but don’t remember seeing anything in it that related to its title)

A Note on Isaiah 17

Some people are teaching that Isaiah 17:1-3 may be fulfilled in the near future. Here is a traditional understanding of this passage:

Tomb of Saladin, Damascus
Tomb of Saladin, Damascus

Dr. Charlie Dyer, a Bible professor at Moody Bible Institute, said Damascus was destroyed in the 7th and 8th centuries: “Isaiah 17 predicted the destruction of the city, along with the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel… Damascus was captured by Assyrians in 732 BC and the northern kingdom of Israel fell when the capital city of Samarai was captured by the Assyrians in 722 BC.”

And 100 years later, he says, the prophet Jeremiah also predicted the fall of Damascus, which had been rebuilt.

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History v. Roman Catholicism

The Seven Churches of Asia Minor - Google Art Project
The Seven Churches of Asia Minor
Brandon Addison has published a 25,000 word guest article at the Called to Communion site, entitled (by the CTC folks) “The Quest for the Historical Church: A Protestant Assessment”…

…In the article, Brandon addresses head-on the Called to Communion claim that the Roman Catholic Church is “The Church that Christ Founded”, from a historical perspective, largely by analyzing head-on the notion of “apostolic succession” – showing that it was a later development that was not part of the thinking of the first-century church.

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From the article:

In order to properly set expectations, we need to understand where the burden of proof resides in this discussion. I will take the burden of proof to show that the particular church at Rome was organized as a presbytery until the middle to later part of the second century—refuting the claim that Jesus founded the RCC. By “presbyterian,” I am not thinking particularly of a current denomination or flavor of modern Presbyterianism (two office, three office, centralized power, “grass roots,” etc.)

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The Roman Catholic Socialist Offensive & the International Economic Crisis

Papal_BeastListen or watch this presentation by Richard Bennett and W.J. Mencarow here:

Hint: No right to private property, no right to intellectual property….no right to basically anything.

Pope Francis’s “Protestant” Ecumenical Piper Has Died

It is with great sadness that I report that papal emissary Bishop Tony Palmer, who recently promoted the yoking of apostate Pentecostals with Rome, died this past week in a tragic motorcycle accident.

I wrote about his meeting with Kenneth Copeland, et al, a few months ago, in which he was quoted as making statements like,

“Since 1999, the Protest of Luther is over, and therefore we are now living in a post-Protestant era.”



“Brothers and sisters, Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?”


He also declared that “Protestants have no right to be separate from the Roman Catholic Church, which he calls the Universal Church that Christ ordained.”

I am very saddened by Bishop Palmer’s death given the eternal consequence of his actions.  However, it is interesting to note that even some Catholics are not certain his soul went to a good place.  In any case, let this be a reminder to press on in the Lord’s service since life is short and there are no second chances after death.

Bible Translations and Prophetic Interpretation

I came across this discussion on the Puritan Board showing how one’s understanding of eschatological passages can be affected by the Bible translation one chooses to use.  This is good to keep in mind.  From comment #1 on the Board:


Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem
Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem

Daniel 9 – 7 or 69 weeks until the Messiah?

Daniel 9:25 (ESV) “Know therefore and understand that from the going out of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with squares and moat, but in a troubled time.”

Daniel 9:25 (NKJV) “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.”

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Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors

Pope Pius IX
Here is a quote from the authoritative “Catholic” Encyclopedia:

For the Syllabus, as appears from the official communication of Cardinal Antonelli, is a decision given by the pope speaking as universal teacher and judge to Catholics the world over. All Catholics, therefore, are bound to accept the Syllabus. Exteriorly they may neither in word nor in writing oppose its contents; they must also assent to it interiorly. (Catholic Encyclopedia article Syllabus).

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This article states that the syllabus condemns:

  1. Bible Societies
  2. Protestantism
  3. Free public / state schools
  4. Free speech
  5. Modern civilization

It also insists that the Roman Catholic religion must be the ONLY religion of the state and that there must be NO separation of church and state.

Refuse to Subordinate the Gospel to Pagan Mythology

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched

Via Riddleblog:


As Dr. George tells the story, Schneider was the new pastor at a small church in Hochelheim.

Schneider had been there hardly a month when he was asked to preside at the funeral of a seventeen-year-old member of the Hitler Youth named Karl Moog. Before the benediction had been pronounced, the local Nazi district leader, Heinrich Nadig, interrupted the service to declare that young Karl had now crossed over into the heavenly storm troop of Horst Wessel, to which Schneider replied: “I do not know if there is a storm of Horst Wessel in eternity, but may the Lord God bless your departure from time and your entry into eternity.”

Those who died in the service of the Nazis, like young Karl Moog, were summoned to join the Wessel storm troop above. Just six months prior to the funeral incident, the Nazi bimonthly Der Brunnen declared: “How high Horst Wessel towers over that Jesus of Nazareth—that Jesus who pleaded that the bitter cup be taken from him. How unattainably high all Horst Wessels stand above Jesus!”

Pastor Schneider refused to subordinate the Christian Gospel to such a pagan myth. When Nadig repeated his graveside claim about Horst Wessel, Schneider said: “I protest. This is a church ceremony, and as a Protestant pastor, I am responsible for the pure teaching of the Holy Scriptures.”

For his actions, Pastor Schenieder was arrested and served a five day sentence.

Read more: (not from a historicist perspective, but interesting nonetheless)

James Swan on Roman Catholic Apologetics

Cardinal Louis Nazaire Bégin, who bore false witness against Protestants
Cardinal Louis Nazaire Bégin, who bore false witness against Protestants

Roman Catholicism, which claims to be “infallible”, is, on the contrary, probably the greatest disseminator of “urban legends” in history. For centuries, following the Reformation, absolute lies and untruths were told by Roman polemicists, and repeated, and repeated, and continue to be repeated down to this century. Here, for example, is one for which the source was “from an ‘ex-Calvinist’ turned Roman Catholic” – (I wonder where that came from?) – no doubt a person seeking to do “due diligence”, but who is most likely to pick up and pass on more of these lies and untruths, which were started and disseminated by the “princes” of “the Infallible Church”.

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Of Veils and Confessionals on the head covering:

Saint Paul said that EVERY man who prays with his head covered DISGRACES Christ!!

A man who calls himself Vicar of Christ, and yet DISGRACES Christ, is the very essence of Antichrist!! on the Confessional:

The confessional box was Borromeo’s answer to priestly seduction thru the confessional.

In reality, the privacy of the new boxes facilitated spying and seduction of females.

The Inquisition created a plethora of “penitents,” so, in 1580, a second box was added to the confessional.

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