The Curious Case of Cardinal Cajetan

From Win Corduan’s Blog:

Thomas_CajetanCajetan was the pope’s man. He co-authored the papal bull condemning Luther in 1519, and he counseled the pope to forbid Henry VIII’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon. Then as now, there has always been an issue of how exclusive the authority of a pope is, the other two contenders being the college of cardinals or a general council. Cardinal Cajetan fell into the category of “decretalists,” a term that in canon law refers to someone who builds his jurisprudence on the decrees (“decretals”) issued by the popes. At the outset of Luther’s reformation activities, numerous people called for a council to adjudicate the theological issues between Luther and the Church. The pope, Leo X, supported by Cajetan, thought that the Holy Office had sufficient power to handle the situation on its own.

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