JPII is in Hell

popekoranVia A Puritan’s Mind:

As with his predecessors (all other Popes in his line of thinking), Pope John Paul II is burning in hell for all eternity. This is a sad reality, but it is true nonetheless.


He hid the true Gospel and taught a false Gospel contrary to the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostolic witness to the truth. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation condemns him (and all ignorant of the truth) as a false teacher and arch-heretic, delusional, and a son of the devil.

Historically, the orthodox Christian church has condemned the papacy as anti-Christian. The papacy is not only not Christian, but also blatantly anti-Christian. The Popes of Rome are not saints, not holy fathers, but advocates for the Father of Lies…

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This article also contains a great list of books to read on the Protestant view of the Papacy.  I will add these to our Resources page.  Here it is for future reference:

  • Abernethie, Thomas Abjuration of Popery
  • Beza, Theodore The Pope’s Canons
  • Mayer, John An Antidote Against Popery
  • Puffendorff, Samuel The History of Popedom
  • Wylie, J.A. The Papacy is the Antichrist
  • Downame, George A Treatise concerning Antichrist
  • Rutherford, Samuel A Survey of the Spiritual Antichrist
  • Whitby, Daniel The Fallibility of the Roman Church
  • Knox, John Admonition to Flee Idolatry, Romanism and all False Worship
  • Clarkson, David Doctrine of Justification is dangerously corrupted in the Roman Church
  • Stewart, Alexander Roman Dogma and Scripture Truth
  • M’donald, John Romanism Analyzed in the Light of Scripture, Reason and History
  • Webster, Daniel, The Church of Rome at the Bar of History
  • Whitaker, William, Disputations on Holy Scripture
  • Plumer, William, Earnest Hours
  • Guinness, H. Grattan Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy
  • Brown, John (of Haddington) Absurdity and Perfidy of all Authoritative Toleration of Gross Heresy, Blasphemy, Idolatry, Popery in Britain
  • Dabney, Robert L. Attractions of Popery
  • George, R.J. Badge of Popery
  • Gavin, Anthony History of Popery
  • Fairbairn, Patrick Is Popery the Antichrist?
  • Wilkinson, Henry Pope of Rome is Antichrist
  • Doolittle, Thomas Popery is a Novelty
  • Henry, Matthew Popery, A Spiritual Tyranny
  • Ness, Christopher Protestant Antidote against the Poison of Popery
  • Blakeney, R.P. Protestant Catechism or Popery Refuted
  • Fleming, Robert Rise and Fall of the Papacy
  • Calvin, John Rise of the Papacy with Proof from Daniel and Paul

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