Daniel’s Little Horn is the Papal Dynasty

littlehorn2Via Christian Courier:

(4) An interpretation which has fallen on hard times in this modern ecumenical age, but which was strongly defended by scholars of the Reformation heritage (e.g., Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes), is the concept that Daniel’s little horn symbolized the papal dynasty. A few conservative scholars defend this position even yet (Leupold 1969, 323).

This was also the leading view of the Restoration leaders. When Alexander Campbell met John Purcell in debate (1837), he affirmed that the Roman Catholic Church “is the Babylon of John, the Man of Sin of Paul, and the Empire of the Youngest Horn of Daniel’s Sea Monster” (1914, 281ff).

Consider the following arguments which lend support to this proposition:

(a) However, near the middle of that century [the 8th century A.D.], the Roman pontiff began to acquire political territories, thus transforming the Church into a politico-ecclesiastical organism. …

(b) …The blasphemous arrogance of the popes is well-known to students of church history. …

(c) The Roman church, under the authority of its popes, has been a vicious persecutor of those who oppose its apostate doctrines.  …

(d) …History is replete with examples of the papacy instituting holy seasons or days, and changing various elements of the law of Christ (e.g., celibacy, adoration of images, saint worship, transubstantiation). …

(e) The saints were to be under the oppressive power of the little horn for “a time, times, and half a time.” [ie. 1260 years] …

In conclusion, we believe that, taking all factors into consideration, there is no entity in history that so fits the description of the little horn of Daniel 7 as that of the papal dynasty of the Roman Catholic Church.

Read more: https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/184-little-horn-of-daniels-sea-beast-the


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