Rome in the News, April 2014


Here are some Rome and Rome-related headlines that caught my eye this past month:

A little bread and wine ‘does no harm’: Pope Francis goes against years of Catholic teaching and tells divorced woman it is OK to take communion

Archbishop who used church funds to build $2.2m mansion repents and promises to sell it and live somewhere ‘modest’

Are There Any American Ian Paisleys in Congress Willing to Shout Down the Pope?

Artists accused of blasphemy after depicting the Pope being breastfed in controversial famous people montage… but you have to look hard to spot it

CURSE of the Catholic clergyman! Father Bob turns the airwaves blue at Easter by repeatedly dropping the S-bomb on live television

Evangelists for Open Borders

Hundreds flock to see statue of Mary at Indiana Catholic Church after it appeared to shed a TEAR

In pictures: The poignant moment thousands of penitents fall silent to mark emotional Holy Week procession in Spain

Is Richard Dawkins leading people to Jesus?

Jewel-encrusted goblet found gathering dust in tiny Spanish museum ‘touched the lips of Jesus and is in fact the HOLY GRAIL’ say two historians with evidence to prove it

Lying down on the job: Pope Francis lies prostrate as he prays during Good Friday service

Mass To Take Place Where The Last Supper Took Place

NO JOKE: Former World Bank Sr. Counsel Says That There is An Existence of a Second Species on Earth — Hiding at the Vatican!

Pat Buchanan claims GOD is on Russia’s side and that Moscow is the ‘third Rome’

Pope Francis calls abortion an ‘abominable crime’ in strongest remarks to date

Pope Francis, global village pastor

Pope Francis Kills and Traffics Children- Evidence PILES Against Him As Vatican Gets Busted For Attempting To Hide Evidence- Court April 7th. A Must Read Update!

Pope Francis stuns 100,000 Vatican crowd by giving off-the-cuff Palm Sunday homily before jumping off Popemobile to pose for ‘selfies’

Pope Francis washes feet of elderly and disabled for the annual Maundy Thursday Holy Week ritual before Easter at the Don Gnocchi Centre in Rome

Pope gives a lift to 2 kids in St. Peter’s Square

“Religious Freedom” and Hobby Lobby Family Meets with the Pope

Revealed: How Pope John Paul II sent secret envoy to Margaret Thatcher during Falklands War to ask Britain to abandon islands

Smiling Themselves into the Very Depths of Hell

The chapel made from thousands of human BONES: Walls made from skeletons including one of a ‘giant’ and another riddled with syphilis

‘The Devil is here, even in the 21st century’ Pope delivers chilling warning to Christians that they must avoid the temptation of Satan…including gossiping about others

The miracle that persuaded the Vatican to make Pope John Paul II a saint: Woman looks back at the day she was ‘cured’ of brain aneurysm ahead of papal cannonisation

The Pope is “His holiness” for Obama:  ‘The inscription on the chest read: “Presented to His Holiness Pope Francis by Barack Obama President of the United States of America, March 27, 2014.”’

“Popes” and Presidents

The priest with the property empire: Father Gregory turns a tidy profit as his latest £3million development sells out in just a week

The Vatican head of global organized crime

Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’

Was Rome larger than first thought? Discovery of wall 30 miles from the capital could redefine boundaries of ancient city