Is the Church of Rome Christian?

1128054_83020496BANNED“The written word of God has long been hated by the Church of Rome. In 1229 the Bible was placed on the Index of Forbidden Books — a list still maintained today in a modified form. This Authorized Version of the Scriptures is still officially banned; the text of the original languages is banned; every translation or commentary that is not officially sanctioned by the Church of Rome is a banned book. History proves Rome’s hatred of the Bible especially the Bible in the vernacular. J Wycliffe (132?-1384) produced the first English translation. His Bible was condemned and his followers burned as heretics. Tyndale (1500s) was hounded in England and on the continent. Every Tyndale New Testament (pub. 1525) Popish authorities could find was burned and eventually Tyndale was martyred (1536). The Bible may be found in and used by the Church of Rome in a limited sense yet its contents are still locked up by the Church.”

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