Rome’s Long War on the Bible (and God’s People)

1128054_83020496BANNEDIt’s long been my belief that the church of Rome reluctantly gives the Bible mere lip service, and if the truth were known, they are quite able to function and exist without the word of God.

“The Church, then, affirms that all Scripture is the word of God, but at the same time it maintains that there is an unwritten word of God OVER and ABOVE Scripture” (1, p. 78.)

The following four points need to be made:

  1. Whenever official Catholic publications use the word Christian, they actually mean Catholic.
  2. Whenever they use the word church, they mean the Catholic church.
  3. Whenever they speak about the Bible, they mean the apocrypha also.
  4. Whenever they speak of the unwritten word, they mean oral tradition also.

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