Why Daniel 9:27 Does Not Refer to a Future Antichrist

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Who Confirms the Covenant?

We shall now turn our attention to the covenant mentioned in Dan. 9:27 which reads as follows: “And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” Most premillennialists and all dispensationalists introduce the anti-christ into the prophecy at this point and contend that it is he who will make a covenant with the Jews in Jerusalem during the 70th week in the future. The anti-christ is portrayed as a “prince, a king, as God and as Lucifer, as a beast and as a man.” See Blackstone’s Jesus is Coming, pp. 108, 109. The only place in the Bible where the anti-christ is mentioned is 1st and 2nd John. These books were written 600 years after Daniel. There is no mention of the anti-christ in Daniel at all; nor for that matter in the entire Old Testament. It seems inconsistent, therefore, to relate the pronoun “he” of Daniel 9:27 to the anti-christ who is first introduced 600 years later.

From a grammatical standpoint the pronoun “he” must refer to its antecedent. If we do this it will be immediately plain that it means the Messiah. This will be apparent if we quote the passage again from the 25th verse and connect up the main events pertaining to the Messiah and leave the portion pertaining to the “prince” to its proper place at the end of the chapter.

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