What Will Your Epitaph Read? Part 2

More inspiration from the Covenanters:

Loudoun Church Covenanters Memorial

800px-Newmilns_09-09-12_loudoun_church_covenanters_memorialLaur Hay, Andrew Pitulloch, and David Hackston


Front inscription:

Here lie interred the Heads of LAUR HAY and ANDREW PITULLOCH who suffered martyrdom at EDINr. July 16th 1681 for adhering to the word of GOD & Scotland covenanted work and Reformation and also one of the hands of DAVID HACKSTON of Rathillot who was most cruelly murdered at EDINr. July 30th 1680 for the same cause

Rear inscription:

1680 Our persecutors filled with rage Their brutish fury to aswage Took heads and hands of martyrs off That they might be the peoples scoff They Hackstons body cutt asunder And set it up a worlds wonder In several places to proclaim These monsters gloryd in their shame RE-ERECTED July 13th 1792

James and Robert Duns, Thomas and John Stevensons, James McClive, and Andrew McCall

Image by David Baird

“Here lyes Iames and Robert Duns, Thomas and Iohn Stevensons, Iames McClive, Andreu McCall, who were surprised at prayer in this house, by Colnell Douglas, Lievtenant Livingston, and Cornet Iames Douglas and by them most impiously and cruelly murthered for their adherence to Scotlands Reformation Covenants National and Solemn League 1685”

Andrew Hislop

Young Andrew Hislop, shot because his mother gave shelter to a Covenanter:

Image by Bob Cowan

Matthew McIlwraith

Image by Keith Brown
Image by Keith Brown

James Smith, Alex McMillan, James McMillan, John Short, George McKertny, John Graham, and John Muirhead

Image by Mary and Angus Hogg
Image by Mary and Angus Hogg

Reverend James Renwick

Image by Scothill at en.wikipedia
Image by Scothill at en.wikipedia

“The covenants, the covenants, shall yet be Scotland’s reviving” ~ James Guthrie