Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 14 & 15

Feileadh Mor


Rev. 14.1:

And lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion. By his standing on Mount Sion, is meant Christ’s presence with his church, and his kingly power for her protection and preservation, in all generations, (Eph 3:21) that God may have glory by Jesus Christ in his church, typed out here by Mount Sion, for strength, (Ps 125:1-2) and for beauty, (Ps 48:2)

an hundred forty and four thousand. These were the sealed ones, (chapter Re 7:3,4) so that our Lord Jesus Christ had lost none of all them that the Father had given him. (Joh 6:49)

Having his Fathers name written in their foreheads. This doth distinguish the followers of the Lamb from the worshippers and followers of the beast. The worshippers of the beast had the mark of the beast in their foreheads; which is an open and visible profession of their subjection and obedience unto the…

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Unity in Error


“Diversity and division is infinitely more precious than a satanic unity. The problem God’s people are facing today: Satan wants unity in what? — in error. God would infinitely prefer division because of truth. Do you know what Jesus said in Matthew 10? He said, ‘I have come not to bring peace, not to bring unity, but to bring division, to set a son against his father, a daughter against her mother, so that people within their own households will be enemies of each other.’ That is what Jesus said he came to do … God’s smashing of satanic ecumenical unity was an incredible blessing [Genesis 11: the Tower of Babel] … The potential for satanic depravity is infinite, as long as what continues? — a unity in error — organized blasphemy. Measure this friends. Grasp it. Satan will, in his brief hour, at the end of this world, be given his opportunity to demonstrate what total unity is like in the human race, when every person will have a mark on the forehead or right hand, and will walk lockstep under incredible blasphemy …

“You say, ‘We want unity.’ Oh, really? What kind of unity? ‘We want all the churches to get together.’ Oh, really? You mean in error, in confusion, in heresy? That is, dear friends, the ecumenical movement of our hour, in which all the great denominations and all the great church leaders are becoming more and more unified. In what? — in compromise and theological error; and this is the ultimate horror.”

– John Whitcomb Jr. (Futurist with respect to Eschatology)

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