Does My Church Really Preach the Gospel?

1201952_61178703“Does My Church Really Preach The Gospel?”
by W. J. Mencarow, Pastor, Reformation Church, Boerne, TX

“That may sound like a silly question. After all, your church has Bibles, the pastor quotes from it, everybody thinks of themselves as a Christian (and most of them act like it, at least in church)…of course the Gospel is preached!

I hope your church really does preach the true Gospel. But some churches, even though they have all the outward appearances of being a Christian church, preach and teach another “gospel” which is not a gospel at all — it is a clever counterfeit of the real one, what Paul called a “perversion of the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1:7).

True Gospel preaching displays Jesus Christ as Lord and commands all to repent and trust in Him to be saved. The true Gospel teaches that all who trust in Him will be saved and will never lose their salvation. It teaches that it is the faith of Christ, His righteousness credited to the sinner, that saves — not anything we have done or will do. There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation.   Good works are a result of salvation, not the cause.”

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