Is There a Need for a Third Temple?


“Instead of telling the Jewish people to repent and accept Jesus Christ and His power to change their lives by the power of the Holy Spirit, the emphasis of a vast majority of the “right-wing” Christian church is raising money for Jewish social and humanitarian causes. One issue that seems to be paramount in modern dispensational theology is that a restored Jewish Temple must be built in Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is presently located where many dispensationalists believe that new Jewish temple needs to be rebuilt. In their desperation to circumvent this problem of the Islamic holy place and the adamant attitude of the Muslims for it to remain, some Christian Zionists have re-surveyed the area. They “discovered” that the future Jewish temple can be built next to the Islamic mosque and still fulfill the demands of their prophetic aspirations.”

“Being that the real temple of God are the saints and the redeemed of true Israel in the city of New Jerusalem, which is only built by the Holy Ghost, there is no need for a man-made earthly temple to be built in the old city of Jerusalem. If it is built, it will only be a mockery of the real temple and God will destroy it.”

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