Papal Inquisitions

John 16:2: They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.


The ultimate punishment that was to be meted out by the Christian and by the Church was excommunication and separation from the fellowship of the Church. In this way, the ‘heretic’ was given over to the righteous judgment of God.

Historically, the major means that the church had of combating heretics was to excommunicate them. In the 12th and 13th centuries, however, the Inquisition was established by the church to combat heresy; heretics who refused to recant after being tried by the church were handed over to the civil authorities for punishment, usually execution.
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Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 3

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Rev. 3.1:

“I know thy works, that thou hast a name, that thou livest and art dead” By a “name” to live, is meant, the great and honorable esteem which other churches of saints and ministers of Christ had of this church, her ministers and members. For, first, the appearance of the graces and gifts of the Spirit of God, which did shine forth and were perspicuous in some of the ministers of this church, made her renowned among other churches. (as Eze 16:14) Secondly, the soundness of doctrine, purity of gospel-administrations in the worship of God, and the strictness of discipline in this church, did give her a name and a praise among other churches. (as Zep 3:20)

Rev. 3.2:

“Be watchful” which doth more especially concern the Ministers of the church who are her watchman

“And strengthen the things which remain” ministers did not endeavor to nourish, cherish…

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On Daniel 2 and 7


This Prophet gives two predictions regarding the four Kingdoms that were to succeed the Babylonian Empire. The first, Daniel 2:31-45, is the revelation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, where:-


  • The golden head = The Babylonian Empire.
  • The breast and arms of silver = The Medo-Persian Empire.
  • The belly and thighs of brass = The Grecian or Macedonian Empire.
  • The legs of iron = The Roman Empire.
    (a) The feet partly iron and partly clay = The Roman Empire strong then weak.
    (b) The ten toes = The Ten Kingdoms into which the Roman Empire was divided.
  • The stone cut out of the mountain without hands = The Kingdom of Messiah which would smite the image and break it, which would become a great mountain and fill the whole earth.

Daniel Chapter 7 affords us another outline of the same four empires, where:-

Merian's Daniel 7 engraving

  • The lion with eagles wings = Babylon (the King of beasts and the King of birds).
  • The bear = The Medes and the Persians (strength and cruelty).
  • The leopard with four heads and four wings = Alexander’s rapid progress/ the eventual fourfold division of his empire.
  • The nameless beast = The Roman Empire which had ten horns plus a little horn which plucked out three of the former horns, in which were; “eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.”

This latter vision troubled the prophet: “I, Daniel, was distressed in my spirit in the midst of my body, and the visions of my head troubled me” (v.15). The vision of the little horn particularly troubled the prophet since he specifically asks concerning it (v.20). [It is significant that the time and place of the little horn is fixed within this vision].

All the above predictions have come to pass. The Roman Empire was divided into Ten Kingdoms, and the Papacy arose out of the midst of them. In so doing, he plucked out by the root three of these Kingdoms; viz. the Exarchate of Ravenna ceded to the Pope in 755, the Lombards in 774, and and the state of Rome itself.

The title Little Horn is also significant. Compared to previous monarchies the Papacy appears insignificant, yet it is diverse from the first (being a combination of spiritual and temporal power). Further, Daniel’s description of this horn fits exactly that of the worldly pride and arrogance of the Papacy, as:-

In this horn were the eyes of a man, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows. (v.20)

He shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws. (v.25)

This information is from an article on Nineteenth Century Romanism, which can be read in full here:

The Slumbering Church


Those Christian groups who from earliest times have been wickedly persecuted by the Roman “Catholic” Church did not hesitate to identify whoever sits in the papal throne as the Antichrist, the Man of Sin, the Beast of Revelation. And they had no hesitation in identifying the religio-political empire over which he reigns as the great Whore of Babylon and no true Bride of Christ. This eschatological position was also bequeathed to the Reformers and those who followed them in the Protestant Church — called Protestant because she protested against Popery and all the heretical doctrines, corrupted worship of God and immoral practices both condoned and promoted by the Roman Church.

But over the last century and a half, the Protestant Church has largely fallen asleep. With fewer and fewer exceptions, her pastors and people no longer protest against Rome’s errors and claims of being the true church of Christ, outside of which (so she still says) there is no salvation. Indeed, many “Protestant” leaders call the pope a great Christian, a godly man and a great evangelist. But the Church of Rome claims to be semper idem (always the same), and has not changed her ambitions or claims; she has only lost some of the respect she once had in the eyes of the world, and lost some of her power she had to persecute those who withstood her in many lands. But while many other issues have been occupying the Protestant Church’s attention (e.g., Higher Criticism, evolutionism, Marxism, abortion, sodomy, and Islam), that respect and power which Rome had before the Reformation is being steadily regained. And the leaders of the various Protestant denominations both great and small, like the political leaders of the Western World and the heads of other false religions, have been making visits to the Vatican to see the Pope for themselves. If historicism is right, then such “ecumenical” and political relations are called spiritual fornication with “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” (Rev. 17:5).

There are a few Protestant groups who still seek to sound a warning against Rome. They are increasingly being sidelined and ridiculed — both of which, if the truth be told, are evidence of ill-will against protesting Christian Protestants. This growing malevolence is essentially the same as that which motivated people to savagely persecute the church in times past — as our Lord says: “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you” (John 15:18). Meanwhile Rome never shows any change of heart concerning her declaring of the Reformed doctrines to be accursed, or any remorse for her persecution of the Protestant and earlier martyrs. “She eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and says, I have done no wickedness” (Prov. 30:20). Perhaps the time will come again when it will not be enough for either the pope or those under his influence to play word-games with us, intolerantly accusing us of being intolerant of “other expressions of Christianity.” Perhaps in the future protesting Protestants will suffer greater persecutions than those that the Abigenses, Waldenses, Lollards, Hugenots and so many more have suffered at the hands of Rome, before the true Head of the true church destroys “that Wicked” with the “brightness of his coming” (2 Thess. 2:8), and his great religio-political “Babylon” falls under His righteous judgments (Rev. 14:8; ch.16-18).

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Revelation 16:13-16:  And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

Revelation 17:12-14:  And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.  These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.  These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

Revelation 13:3:  …and all the world wondered after the beast.

The Jesuits and American Political Intrigues


For nearly a thousand years, the Roman Catholic popes felt that they ruled by divine right, that their power had come directly from God, and that all men were to bow to their authority and control. If a ruler would not submit his position and the country he ruled into the hands of the Pope, then that person had no right to rule. When Harrison stated that, “we admit of no government by divine right,” he was declaring that he and the United States were in no way going to submit to the pope’s control. To the pope and his heinous Jesuits, this was a slap in the face that they felt must be dealt with immediately.

It was not Harrison alone that had rejected Rome’s authority, for he was simply stating what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution had declared before him. Our Republic totally refused the control that the pope and the Jesuits were trying to apply. When a nation, church, or individual, refuses to submit to the authority of the papacy, they are finished. Unless God intervenes, the lives of those opposing the papacy will be terminated.


We are also determined to take possession of the United States; but we must proceed with the utmost secrecy.

Silently and patiently, we must mass our Roman Catholics in the great cities of the United States, remembering that the vote of a poor journeyman, though he be covered with rags, has as much weight in the scale of powers as the millionaire Astor, and that if we have two votes against his one, he will become as powerless as an oyster. Let us then multiply our votes; let us call our poor but faithful Irish Catholics from every corner of the world, and gather them into the very hearts of the cities of Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Albany, Troy, Cincinnati.

Under the shadows of those great cities, the Americans consider themselves a giant unconquerable race. They look upon the poor Irish Catholics with supreme contempt, as only fit to dig their canals, sweep their streets and work in their kitchens. Let no one awake those sleeping lions, today. Let us pray God that they continue to sleep a few years longer, waking only to find their votes outnumbered as we will turn them forever, out of every position of honor, power and profit!… What will those so-called giants think when not a single senator or member of Congress will be chosen, unless he has submitted to our holy father the pope!

We will not only elect the president, but fill and command the armies, man the navies, and hold the keys of the public treasury!…

Then, yes! then, we will rule the United States and lay them at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, that he may put an end to their godless system of education and impious laws of liberty of conscience, which are an insult to God and man! — Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Chick Publications, pp. 281,282.

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Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 2

Feileadh Mor

It is difficult to select just a few quotations because the work is worth reading in its entirety. May this offer lure you in, where you can sit at the feet of this able commentator.


Rev. 2.1

The angel of this church, and the angels of the other six Asian Churches, were not of the holy elect celestial angels of God, those ministering spirits, (Heb 1:14) nor was this angel any one of the apostles of Christ, though there were some in this church at that time, who said they were apostles, but were not, as appears from Re 2:2. Nor was this angel any one individual man or minister, that had the superintendence over, or precedence above all the other ministers in this church, as being the Apostle John’s delegate or substitute in his absence; for we read not of any such in this prophecy of the Revelation. But…

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Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 1

Feileadh Mor

Quotes from Hanserd Knollys Exposition of the Book of The Revelation, 1688.

The Visions and Prophecies of CHRIST
Are opened and Expounded,:
The great Counterfeits of our LORD Jesus Christ
for his Church over all His and Her Adversaries, PAGAN,
ARIAN and PAPAL and the glorious State of the
Church of God in the New Heavens and New Earth, in
these Latter Days.Hanserd_Knollys_web

First Chapter

Rev. 1.4:

Those seven churches in the lesser Asia, were the true visible constituted particular churches of Jesus Christ. And such were the churches in Judea, in Achaia, in Galatia, and all the churches of Christ that were in the apostles days, that we read of in the Holy Scripture of the New Testament

By the grace of God, we are to understand not only the love and favor of God, but also all grace, (1Pe 5:10) more and greater measure of every grace…

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Francis Nigel Lee: A Race Well Run

I never had the pleasure of communicating with the Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee before his death this past December.  He never even knew I existed.  Yet, to say his influence on my life was profound would be almost an understatement.  I am not exaggerating when I say that God used F.N. Lee’s writings to shake my theological foundations to their core, and I am in a much better spiritual place now because of that experience.

Francis Nigel Lee was born in Great Britain in 1934 to an atheist father and a Roman Catholic mother.  At some time during his childhood, his family relocated to South Africa, where he later became a believing Calvinist.  From that time until the end of his life, he contended for the truth of the reformed faith through numerous academic and ministerial positions in South Africa, the United States, and finally, in Australia.

His output was prolific, with over 300 articles and books written and more than 400 sermons and lectures given throughout his life.  In fact, so committed was he to the promotion of God’s truth that he continued to write to the very end, completing his last publication, “The Roots and Fruits of Islam,” just NINE days before his death.

More than a theologian and pastor, F.N. Lee was a true polymath, being also a lawyer, educationist, historian, and philosopher. He held twenty-one EARNED degrees, eleven of them doctorates.  He set a standard few believers will ever reach in their lifetimes, as is described on his website:

Dr. Lee rises early; reads God’s Word in eight languages; then walks a couple of miles before breakfast. He has been round the World some six or seven times; has visited eighty eight countries (several repeatedly); and has visited every Continent. He continues to be in demand as a promoter of doctoral students in Australia, Britain, South Africa & the United States.

F.N. Lee was not only brilliant but godly as well.  Besides blessing countless individuals in their Christian walks, he was instrumentally used by God to bring both of his parents to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  More amazingly, after his father was murdered, F.N. Lee personally visited his father’s murderer in prison and shared the gospel with him, rejoicing when that individual committed his life to Christ.  The touching account of this conversion is detailed in his article, “The Sovereignty of God in the Salvation of My Father’s Slayer.”

Let me tell you what people who knew him had to say about him:

Bracey at God’s Lambs describes him as someone who had:

  1. the spirit of Caleb
  2. the intellectual and theological mind of John Calvin; and
  3. the living hope of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can read Bracey’s full tribute to F.N. Lee here.

Ian Hodge, over at Biblical Landmarks said this about F.N. Lee’s home life:

When you visited his home, this was his practice: family worship morning and evening, a Scripture reading, a short monologue from him, then each person was questioned what they might have learned from the passage. You were expected to pay attention. Singing of psalms/hymns and prayer completed the family worship time.

He further describes F.N. Lee as being “a gifted preacher, an orator,” “intense,” and “a disciplined student” in addition to being a man of “kindness,” with a “serious commitment to the Scriptures” and the “belief that Calvinism gave the best expression of what the Scriptures taught.”  You can read more of Mr. Hodge’s recollections of F.N. Lee’s life here.

Uri at Resurrectio et Vita says of F.N. Lee that “Some have said that he is the most under-appreciated scholar of the 21st century.” — a statement with which I cannot help but agree.  You can read about some of F.N. Lee’s humorous responses to Uri’s correspondence here.

Lastly, Pastor W.J. Mencarow, who was mentored by F.N. Lee, states that he considered F.N. Lee to be “the greatest living theologian.”  I concur.  In fact, it was through F.N. Lee’s work that I eventually became familiar with W.J. Mencarow’s sermons on Sermon Audio, and the works of both men combined, through the guidance of God’s Spirit, led me to convert to Calvinistic Christianity.

Even a short but difficult battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease did not cause F.N. Lee’s hope in Christ to waver.  Diagnosed in September 2011 with the incurable ailment, Dr. Lee lived only 2 months instead of the 2 years he had initially been promised.  Yet, he was never angry or bitter with God at his suffering, saying instead, as related by his daughter Johanna, “Whether I die in 2 years or 2 months, is in God’s hands. My hope is in the next life.”

Dr. Lee remained an inspiration to the end and will never be forgotten by those whose lives he touched and by those who will be touched by his work in the future.  If you have the opportunity, please visit and read Dr. Lee’s website here or listen to his sermons online here.  You will not necessarily agree with everything that he believed, but you will definitely be edified and challenged in your faith.  May we all run our own races faithfully to the very end just as Francis Nigel Lee did, and may we all remember that our hope is, indeed, not in this life but in the next.