Does the Bible Tell Us To Confess To a Priest?

James Japan on the Connection Between Daniel and Revelation

An interesting look at the connection between the books of Daniel and Revelation:

I believe that all the important Endtime prophecies in the Book of Daniel have their “mate” or similar verse in the Book of Revelation. What therefore is the key to understand the Endtime prophecies in the Book of Revelation? It’s to know the same prophecies in the Book of Daniel! The Scriptures from these two books of the Bible compliment each other.

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Every Bible Doctrine Changed by Rome

Wolf sneak

Courtesy of Larry Phillips

Matthew 21:42

The Roman Catholic Church has changed every Christian
Orthodox Doctrine Found in the Bible including:

1. The Church’s Foundation Christ to Peter.

2. Believer’s Baptism to infant baptism

3. Eternal Hell to Purgatory

4. Mary the saved sinner to Mary the immaculately conceived

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Please note that The Antipas Chronicles holds to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation, including household/infant baptism, and so disagrees with point #2 above.