Apprising Ministries: The Papacy Robs Christ


In Rick Warren Asks Us To Fast And Pray For God To Help Apostates Elect Their New Pope, just about a year ago, Apprising Ministries brought you another vivid illustration of an evangelical who is either disingenuous or ignorant of the damnable differences between Rome and the Protestant Reformation.

Sadly, pretending to be Protestants like Warren and SBC-promoted quasi-pastrix Beth Moore, protholics if you will, are telling you that those differences—that involve the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself—have lessened through the years. But as you’ll hear below from Dr. R.C. Sproul, actually they have grown even worse now.

In the promo video for his book on the subject, which follows below, you’ll hear Sproul state emphatically:

The Roman Catholic Church has changed since the 16th century; there’s no doubt about it. And the differences we had in the 16th century, have changed. They’re far greater now than they were in the 16th century.

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3 thoughts on “Apprising Ministries: The Papacy Robs Christ”

    1. It would definitely be interesting if the papacy got control of Jerusalem. The interpretation of Daniel 9:27 is at odds with both the historicist and preterist understandings of the verse, though. Both schools of thought, as I understand it, see the verse as being fulfilled by Titus in AD 70 or in Jesus’ ministry itself.

      1. Well we all have to have a wait and see attitude, right? With so many differing views–let’s hope this is an accumulation of prophecy. I also read an article where the report says the Vatican is planning on moving itself to Jerusalem. That would be quite significant.

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