Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 2

Feileadh Mor

It is difficult to select just a few quotations because the work is worth reading in its entirety. May this offer lure you in, where you can sit at the feet of this able commentator.


Rev. 2.1

The angel of this church, and the angels of the other six Asian Churches, were not of the holy elect celestial angels of God, those ministering spirits, (Heb 1:14) nor was this angel any one of the apostles of Christ, though there were some in this church at that time, who said they were apostles, but were not, as appears from Re 2:2. Nor was this angel any one individual man or minister, that had the superintendence over, or precedence above all the other ministers in this church, as being the Apostle John’s delegate or substitute in his absence; for we read not of any such in this prophecy of the Revelation. But…

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Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 1

Feileadh Mor

Quotes from Hanserd Knollys Exposition of the Book of The Revelation, 1688.

The Visions and Prophecies of CHRIST
Are opened and Expounded,:
The great Counterfeits of our LORD Jesus Christ
for his Church over all His and Her Adversaries, PAGAN,
ARIAN and PAPAL and the glorious State of the
Church of God in the New Heavens and New Earth, in
these Latter Days.Hanserd_Knollys_web

First Chapter

Rev. 1.4:

Those seven churches in the lesser Asia, were the true visible constituted particular churches of Jesus Christ. And such were the churches in Judea, in Achaia, in Galatia, and all the churches of Christ that were in the apostles days, that we read of in the Holy Scripture of the New Testament

By the grace of God, we are to understand not only the love and favor of God, but also all grace, (1Pe 5:10) more and greater measure of every grace…

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