Thoughts on False Regeneration….

The “Evangelistic” Monstrosity of the Day

by A. W. Pink

Gerrit_van_Honthorst_Saint_Peter_Penitent.jpeg“The of way salvation is falsely defined. In most instances the modern “evangelist” assures his congregation that all any sinner has to do in order to escape hell and make sure of heaven is to “receive Christ as his personal Savior.” But such teaching is utterly misleading. No one can receive Christ as his Savior while he rejects Him as Lord! It is true, the preacher adds, that the one who accepts Christ should also surrender to Him as Lord, but he at once spoils it by asserting that though the convert fails to do so, nevertheless heaven is sure to him.

That is one of the devil’s lies! Only those who are spiritually blind would declare that Christ will save any who despise His authority and refuse His yoke: why, my reader, that would not be grace, but a disgrace–charging Christ with placing a premium on lawlessness!

It is in His office of Lord that Christ maintains God’s honor, subserves His government, enforces His Law; and if the reader will turn to those passages (Luke 1:46-47; Acts 5:31; 2 Peter 1:11; 2:20; 3:1) where the two titles occur, he will find that the order is always “Lord and Savior,” and not “Savior and Lord.” Therefore, those who have not bowed to Christ’s sceptre and enthroned Him in their hearts and lives, and yet imagine they are trusting in Him as their Savior are deceived, and unless God disillusions them, they will go down to the everlasting burnings with a lie in their right hand (Isa. 44:20). Christ is “the Author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him” (Heb. 5:9), but the attitude of those who submit not to His Lordship is–”We will not have this Man to rule over us” (Luke 19:14). Pause then, my reader and honestly face the question: Am I subject to His will? Am I sincerely endeavoring to keep His commandments?

Alas, alas, God’s “way of salvation” is almost entirely unknown today, the nature of Christ’s salvation is almost universally misunderstood, and the terms of His salvation misrepresented on every hand. The “Gospel” which is now being proclaimed is, in nine cases out of every ten, but a perversion of the Truth, and tens of thousands, assured they are bound for heaven, are now hastening to hell as fast as time can take them. Things are far, far worse in Christendom than even the “pessimist” and the “alarmist” suppose. We are not a prophet, nor shall we indulge in any speculation of what the Biblical prophecy forecasts. Wiser men than the writer have often made fools of themselves by so doing. We are frank to say that we know not what God is about to do. Religious conditions were much worse, even in England, one hundred and fifty years ago. But this we greatly fear: Unless God is pleased to grant a real revival, it will not be long ere “the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people” (Isa. 60:2), for the light of the true Gospel is rapidly disappearing. Modern “evangelism” constitutes, in our judgment, the most solemn of all the “signs of the times.”

What must the people of God do in view of the existing situation? Eph. 5:11 supplies the divine answer: “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them;” and everything opposed to the light of the Word is “darkness.” It is the bounden duty of every Christian to have no dealings with the “evangelistic” monstrosity of the day, to withhold all moral and financial support of the same, to attend none of their meetings, to circulate none of their tracts. Those preachers who tell sinners that they may be saved without forsaking their idols, without repenting, without surrendering to the Lordship of Christ, are as erroneous and dangerous as others who insist that salvation is by works, and that heaven must be earned by our own efforts.”

From: Studies on Saving Faith

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Rome in the News, February 2014

Model Vatican 2

Anything to confess, my son? Celebrity sinner and star of ‘anti-Catholic’ Philomena Steve Coogan meets the Pope at Vatican from MailOnline

Britain’s Roman Catholic church leader who branded welfare cuts a ‘disgrace’ becomes first UK cardinal in 13 years in red hat ceremony held by Pope from MailOnline

Charlemagne’s bones identified: 1,200-year-old remains in a German cathedral belong to ‘Europe’s father’, claim scientists from MailOnline

‘Cuts are causing destitution’: Catholic leader says Government has destroyed ‘basic safety net’ and made the welfare system ‘punitive’ from MailOnline

Europe threatens to review relations with Switzerland after country voted to ‘withdraw into itself’ with immigration poll from MailOnline (Daniel 2:43: And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.)

Fancy taking the Popemobile for a spin? Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger meet Pope Francis from MailOnline

German bishops tell Vatican: Catholics reject sex rules from Reuters

German theologians critique church teachings, propose new sexual understanding from National Catholic Reporter

Homophobia ‘insults God’, says Archbishop of Dublin from

How a Pope called Pius turned the confessional box into a paradise for paedophiles: From a leading Catholic writer, a devastating exposé of a Vatican ruling from MailOnline

I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Popes! Francis is presented with a chocolate statue of himself at the Vatican from MailOnline

Israel surrendering holy site to Vatican? from WND

L.A. archdiocese settles final priest abuse case; $740 million spent from the Los Angeles Times

Mass mob! Roman Catholics play off flash mobs in order to fill churches with younger generations by promoting large gatherings on Facebook and Twitter from MailOnline

Mexican Catholics find God in Islam from Tucson Sentinel

Overwhelming majority of Catholics back contraception according to global poll which shows huge approval ratings for Pope Francis from MailOnline

Pope: ‘unjust’ unemployment can mean sin, suicide from Associated Press

Pope Benedict denies speculation that he was FORCED to publicly stand down and is secretly acting as a ‘shadow’ pope from MailOnline

Pope Benedict enjoys his retirement away from the limelight as his faithful secretary insists historic resignation a year ago paved the way for ‘Super Pope’ Francis from MailOnline

Pope Francis invited to watch controversial ‘anti-Catholic’ film Philomena in private screening from MailOnline

Pope Francis was very nearly Pope John: Pontiff wanted to name himself after reformist ‘Good Pope’ of the Sixties from MailOnline

Pope idol: Francis meets adorable toddler dressed in identical outfit at the Vatican… but it all ends in tears from MailOnline

Pope John Paul II spent decades questioning whether he was worthy of the role, newly published private diaries reveal from MailOnline

Pupils skinned cats at £25k-a-year ‘Catholic Eton’, claims whistleblower from Metro

Queen to call on the Pope at ‘Vatican B&B’: Francis to again break with protocol and meet Her Majesty at simple boarding house he calls home from MailOnline

Scientists claim Turin Shroud is REAL: Jersualem earthquake in 33AD after the crucifixion could have caused radioactive reaction AND confused dating techniques from MailOnline

The Catholic church isn’t the only institution to close ranks in a scandal from The Guardian

The Holy gust! Wind whips up Pope’s mantle during address at St Peter’s Square from MailOnline

The Pope’s Sex Problem: Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock from Spiegel Online

The world’s first f-word found in print – in a 16th century moral guide book written by a MONK from MailOnline

Ukip is a threat to peace in Europe, says Germany from The Telegraph

UN accuses Vatican of adopting policies that allowed priests to rape children from The Telegraph

UN demands the Vatican ‘removes’ all known or suspected paedophiles and hand over its archives on abuse so culprits can be held to account from MailOnline

UN Report Attacks Catholic Church’s Teachings on Abortion, Sexuality from Breitbart

Vandal Burns Jesus Statue’s Face Right Off Outside Catholic Church from The Blaze

Vatican strikes back at UN report demanding approval of abortion and sex for children from LifeSite News

‘Welfare changes are morally right’: Cameron hits back at UK’s leading Catholic over claim that cuts leave families ‘destitute’ from MailOnline

Belgium’s parliament votes through child euthanasia from BBC News:

One man in the public gallery of Belgium’s parliament shouted “murderers” in French when the vote was passed, Reuters news agency reports.

The Catholic church has opposed this measure,

But opinion polls have suggested broad support for the changes in Belgium, which is mostly Catholic.

And on the Church of England:

Church allows same-sex couples to have special prayers after their wedding – but bans gay priests from getting married from MailOnline (note the Archbishop of Canterbury’s attire)

Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 10 & 11

Feileadh Mor

A very long read today folks apologies. There is much fruit to be gathered for those who endure.

Rev. 10.1:

This is the Lord Jesus Christ is often so described in the Prophets, and in the Psalms. {Read Ex 14:20 16:10 19:9 Ps 78:14 104:3 Isa 19:1 Eze 1:4 10:3-4} And a rainbow was upon his head: whereby is signified the dignity and faithfulness of Christ mediatorship. (See Re 4:3. Read Eze 1:28) The rainbow was (and is for ever) a sign of God’s covenant, {Ge 9:4} and it is an everlasting testimony of his faithfulness, mercy, and truth. (Isa 54:7-9)

Rev. 10.5-7:

These three verses contain the oath of Christ, for the confirmation of the truth and certainty of what He Himself spake and witnessed unto his servant John. Heb 6:13-17 God willing to show the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath. Whence we may observe…

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Biblical Christianity vs. Roman Catholicism

Unmasking “Our Lady of Fatima”

Here is a link to Unmasking the Roman Catholic “Our Lady of Fatima.”  This source not only discusses Our Lady of Fatima but also records the Roman Catholic connection to Communism and National Socialism:

(Note:  this is not an endorsement of the author’s view of prayer, etc.)

Richard Bennett – The Perilous Fondness for the Papacy


Download and read this article (pdf): The_Perilous_fondness_for_papacy

“Earthquake” in Bible Prophecy

1755_Lisbon_earthquakeThe term “earthquake” in prophetic writings does not always refer to a literal earthquake.  Rather, it is considered to be symbolic of a major shake-up in the political, economic, religious, etc. realm.

Here is an example of how the Geneva Bible interprets “earthquake” in Revelation 6:

‘the great earthquake’ signifies “the change of the true doctrine which is the greatest cause of motions and troubles that come to the World.”

Here is F.N. Lee on Revelation 11:

The “great earthquake” is associated by some, with the 1300 A.D. great earthquake in Rome. Indeed, from 1309-76, Romanism’s Popes (or ‘Antipopes’) were all French and then operated not from Rome in Italy – but from Avignon in France. That was certainly ‘earth-shattering.’

Yet because it is said to occur “at the same time” as the ‘ascension’ of the two faithful ‘witnesses’ – many Theologians have identified it with the later and much greater “earthquake” of the Anti-Romish Protestant Reformation of 1517f. And truly, the Protestant Reformers indeed did shake up Romanism and its Papacy as never before.

Yet others have seen a further fulfilment of the “great earthquake” in the very different and Anti-Christian French Revolution of 1789. Indeed, France was one of the ten Horns or Kingdoms of the Neo-Roman Empire. The 1789 French Revolution not only atheized France and polluted many other lands, but it also soon led even to the imprisonment of the Pope in his own Vatican.

There is no doubt that all three of those events very much shook up both Romanism and its Papacy. For such was especially the progressive impact of the 1300 earthquake in Rome; the 1517f Protestant Reformation; and the 1789 French Revolution.

and also:

In his 1806 Dissertation on the Prophecies (II:40f) Faber wrote: “In the year 1789, the ‘earthquake’ commenced, and in it fell a tenth part…of the great Roman city…. The French Revolution alone can be intended in this prediction…. Titles of nobility in general would be abolished or slain by the earthquake of the French Revolution…. Archbishops and Bishops…the same.”

Also the Presbyterian Rev. Dr. Albert Barnes of Philadelphia commented on Revelation 11:13f and 16:2f: “No events have ever taken place in history that would better be compared with the shock of an earthquake, than those which occurred when the long-established governments of Europe and especially the domination of the Papacy so long consolidated and confirmed, were shaken by the Reformation…. We should expect to find such a series of calamities, gradually weakening and finally terminating the papal power in the World…. The French Revolution…in the overthrow of the papal power…has more plausibility than any other explanation proposed….

The metaphorical use of the word “earthquake” is common in today’s language.  Here is an example from an old WND article, Worldwide Islamist revolution explodes.  Note the earthquake and natural disaster-type references:

…in what some are calling only the latest wave of an Islamic “tsunami” sweeping the globe…

…a flood of violent, fatal street protests threatens the stability of this most populous Arab nation…

…these movements are the aftershocks of the Islamic Revolution…

…claiming Islamist jihadis are now on the verge of a historic moment in the history of the Islamic nation, an “earthquake” he likened to the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City…

…David Rubin, former mayor of the Israeli town of Shiloh and author of the book “The Islamic Tsunami,”…

The next time you read the Bible, then, remember that its prophetic language is not always meant to be interpreted literally.

Source:  John’s Revelation Unveiled by Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

Leica and the Jews

This was sent to me as part of a chain e-mail and I found it edifying.  There is no known author to this article, but the information in it appears to be true.  Wikipedia has an article on the “Leica Freedom Train” that you can also read.


Leica-I IMG 0215

The Leica is the pioneer 35mm camera. It is a German product – precise, minimalist, and utterly efficient.

Behind its worldwide acceptance as a creative tool was a family-owned, socially oriented firm that, during the Nazi era, acted with uncommon grace, generosity and modesty. E. Leitz Inc., designer and manufacturer of Germany ‘s most famous photographic product, saved its Jews.

And Ernst Leitz II, the steely-eyed Protestant patriarch who headed the closely held firm as the Holocaust loomed across Europe, acted in such a way as to earn the title, “the photography industry’s Schindler.”

As soon as Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany in 1933, Ernst Leitz II began receiving frantic calls from Jewish associates, asking for his help in getting them and their families out of the country. As Christians, Leitz and his family were immune to Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg laws, which restricted the movement of Jews and limited their professional activities.

To help his Jewish workers and colleagues, Leitz quietly established what has become known among historians of the Holocaust as “the Leica Freedom Train,” a covert means of allowing Jews to leave Germany in the guise of Leitz employees being assigned overseas.

Employees, retailers, family members, even friends of family members were “assigned” to Leitz sales offices in France, Britain, Hong Kong and the United States, Leitz’s activities intensified after the Kristallnacht of November 1938, during which synagogues and Jewish shops were burned across Germany.

Before long, German “employees” were disembarking from the ocean liner Bremen at a New York pier and making their way to the Manhattan office of Leitz Inc., where executives quickly found them jobs in the photographic industry.

Each new arrival had around his or her neck the symbol of freedom – a new Leica camera.

The refugees were paid a stipend until they could find work. Out of this migration came designers, repair technicians, salespeople, marketers and writers for the photographic press.

Keeping the story quiet The “Leica Freedom Train” was at its height in 1938 and early 1939,delivering groups of refugees to New York every few weeks. Then, with the invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, Germany closed its borders.

By that time, hundreds of endangered Jews had escaped to America, thanks to the Leitzes’ efforts. How did Ernst Leitz II and his staff get away with it?

Leitz, Inc. was an internationally recognized brand that reflected credit on the newly resurgent Reich. The company produced cameras, range-finders and other optical systems for the German military. Also, the Nazi government desperately needed hard currency from abroad, and Leitz’s single biggest market for optical goods was the United States.

Even so, members of the Leitz family and firm suffered for their good works. A top executive, Alfred Turk, was jailed for working to help Jews and freed only after the payment of a large bribe.

Leitz’s daughter, Elsie Kuhn-Leitz, was imprisoned by the Gestapo after she was caught at the border, helping Jewish women cross into Switzerland . She eventually was freed but endured rough treatment in the course of questioning. She also fell under suspicion when she attempted to improve the living conditions of 700 to 800 Ukrainian slave laborers, all of them women, who had been assigned to work in the plant during the 1940s. (After the war, Kuhn-Leitz received numerous honors for her humanitarian efforts, among them the Officer d’honneur des Palms Academic from France in 1965 and the Aristide Briand Medal from the European Academy in the 1970s.)

Why has no one told this story until now? According to the late Norman Lipton, a freelance writer and editor, the Leitz family wanted no publicity for its heroic efforts. Only after the last member of the Leitz family was dead did the “Leica Freedom Train” finally come to light.

It is now the subject of a book, “The Greatest Invention of the Leitz Family: The Leica Freedom Train,” by Frank Dabba Smith, a California-born Rabbi currently living in England .

Thank you for reading the above, and if you feel inclined as I did to pass it along to others, please do so. It only takes a few minutes.

Memories of the righteous should live on.

Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 9

Feileadh Mor

(Emphasis was added to anything that look interesting or quotable.)


Rev. 9.1:

a star fall from Heaven unto the Earth etc. This star was some very eminent Church-man, some Angel of the Church; (see Re 1:20)

Heaven, that is, the state of the true visible Church, where our Lord Jesus Christ did set some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers for the work of the ministry. (Eph 4:11-13 1Co 12:12-28) By Earth we may understand here the earthly state of the false anti-Christian National Church, (or Catholic Church) nationally so called. To fall from Heaven unto the earth, signifies a visible apostasy from the true Church of God, and from the pure worship of God, unto a false Church, and false worship, according to the commandments of men, their superstitious and idolatrous inventions and traditions.

And to him was given the key of the bottomless…

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