Dr. Walter Martin Investigates the Pre -Tribulation Rapture

HT to The Diary of a Slave for the below videos.

As far as I can determine, Dr. Martin was a Futurist, and so I disagree with his understanding of Daniel 9, Matthew 24, and 2 Thessalonians, 1 John, etc. (He understands all of the passages to be talking about the same person, ie. Antichrist, and I do not; He takes the one who puts an end to sacrifice in Daniel 9 to be Antichrist whereas I take the Historicist position that it is Christ; he is anticipating a future Great Tribulation whereas I take the Historicist/Preterist position the Great Tribulation was in AD 70; he throws many events into the future that I believe have already occurred, etc.).

See F.N. Lee on Matthew 23 and 24, with Added Notes from Gill for a Historicist understanding of Matthew 24.

I also do not think Dr. Martin accurately describes the position of the believing church for 1900 years — see Biblical Predictions not Preterist but Historicist by Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee (pdf) for more information on this.

Nevertheless, these videos are still instructive as they pertain to the pre-tribulation rapture idea.  Dr. Martin argues that rest for the church comes when Christ returns, and on that he and I agree.