The Origins of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

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  1. Yeesh…the mold just reaches out to all streams of Christianity doesn’t it? Do you have some good teaching on the accurate view of when Christ returns? It’s so hard to find something that’s not sullied.

    1. Ultimately the questions of when Christ returns will depend on which position of the millennium in Revelation 20 you take. If you are pre-mill or a-mill, the timing will be much earlier than if you are post-mill since post-mill by definition means the second coming/final judgment happens after the millennium and not before. As I understand it, Protestants historically were either amill or post-mill. On this blog, I take a post-mill approach at present, mostly because the main sources I have explaining Daniel and Revelation are post-mill. If you want a starting place for thinking about this, check out John’s Revelation Unveiled on Revelation 20 on the Resources page as well as Pastor Mencarow’s sermons on Revelation 20. Let me know what you think! (p.s. I have so much material to get through for posting on this blog that it might take me a while to get to Revelation 20, but I’ll see what I can do to speed things along!).

      1. Great thanks. I heard the story of Margaret McDonald back in the 1800’s who had a fever and saw a rapture. The church of the time jumped on it for obvious reasons.

        I have had a hard time sifting through the various viewpoints on when and how Christ would return. As far as I’m concerned, until the Holy Spirit opens my heart and eyes up to it, Christ is coming back and I’ll be ready and working.

        Still I will continue to research as I am able and we’ll see where it leads. Thanks for posting this hot potato…it’s hard sometimes,but we must press on.

        Note: The Antipas Chronicles corrected a typo in this comment, ie. changed “Greta” to “Great.”

      2. “Pretribulationism arose only in A.D. 1830. Then, breaking with the Protestant Reformation’s doctrine of the Papacy as the Antichrist — the unbalanced Margaret McDonald called the utopian socialist Robert Owen, in person, the Antichrist.” F.N. Lee, The Olivet Discourse and The Destruction of Jerusalem in Prophecy, available on our Resources page.

      3. Whoa…slow down the stagecoach! Unlike others such as yourself, my brain can only assimilate this info so fast… 🙂

        You are a wealth my friend!

      4. LOL…that was a quote from the latest post, “F.N. Lee on Matthew 23 and 24, with Added Notes from Gill.” 🙂

      5. Here is what I did. One day, I read Revelation 1:3: “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” I meditated on this verse and finally I cried out to God. I said, Lord, it seems to me that the people receiving a letter containing this verse would have had at least some understanding of what the letter meant. They would not have thought it pertained to events happening more than 2000 years in the future. I am already convinced that much of what is being taught in the churches today is false because it does not line up with what Scripture teaches. Please open my eyes and help me to understand this difficult book. The next day I heard a radio show that just “happened” to be explaining historicism, dove down that rabbit hole, and there I have stayed :-).

  2. This is sad and simply bogus history, in the long run! I am hardly a RCC supporter at all myself (been there done that!) But we simply must do biblical, as well as theological history, too, and this ain’t it on this subject!

    1. It might be helpful for other readers of this blog if you gave a link or two to sources explaining where the pre-trib rapture idea came from. Please provide some if you have them as I would be interested in reading them. Thanks!

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