The Man of Sin

Feileadh Mor

“…because he is called the man of sin, here it cometh fitly to be inquired whether Antichrist bmantone an individual person? for ‘that man of sin’ would seem to be some single person.

No ; he is put for a society and succession of men, that make up the head of the apostate state. As one lion figured the whole kingdom of the Babylonians, and one bear the kingdom of the Medes and Persians, and one leopard the kingdom of the Grecians, Dan. vii., – and there the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom, – so one person that succession of men that head the revolters from Christ. So Dan. viii., a goat figured a succession of kings; so the Assyrian, Isa. x. 5, several kings in that empire; so Isa. xiv. 9, the king of Babylon, meaning not one but many. So this man of sin doth not…

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The Vatican and Nazi Germany

Roser 02 (Chip)

Here is an interesting article that shows some of the Vatican’s links to Nazi Germany.  I’m not sure about all the quotes on anti-semitism, though (was the issue always Jewish ethnicity or was it sometimes Jewish religion?  Regardless, I don’t support the vile ways in which the Jewish people were treated):

Nazi Germany has more ties to the Vatican Jesuit order then I’d personally like to consider. But the truth is, I’ve done much research these last couple of days and the evidence is too striking not to believe.

Upon my investigation not only did I discover Hitler’s role in Jesuit Catholicism, but also the Vatican’s tie to Nazism today. Nazi beliefs did not leave when Hitler left, nor did they arrive when Hitler arrived, nor are they out of the Vatican today. Anti-Semitism and the Hitler mindset reminds a good portion of the order today.

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