Martin Luther on the papacy as Babylon and antichrist

Reformed Covenanter

Martin LutherUnless they will abolish their laws and ordinances and restore to Christ’s churches their liberty and have it taught among them, they are guilty of all the souls that perish under this miserable captivity, and the papacy is truly the kingdom of Babylon and of the very Antichrist.  For who is “the man of sin” and “the son of perdition” [II Thess. 2:3] but he who with his doctrines and his laws increases the sins and perdition of souls in the church, while sitting in the church as if he were God? [II Thess. 2:4].  All this the papal tyranny has fulfilled, and more than fulfilled, these many centuries.  It has extinguished faith, obscured the sacraments and oppressed the gospel; but its own laws, which are not only impious and sacrilegious, but even barbarous and foolish, it has decreed and multiplied without end.

Martin Luther, The Babylonian captivity of the…

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