Steve Camp on Reformation

REFORMATION: DELIVER US FROM PRIESTCRAFT AND POPISH OWLS…liars by trade, and deceivers by profession

Reformation doesn’t come easy….

…It is for those who are unafraid to call sacerdotalism’s practice sorcery and worldly methodology seduction. Beware of the culturally relevant – for they seek not the will or glory of God, but the building of their own kingdoms. To such a time Spurgeon pens the following powerful words written below. They are designed to unmask Romanism’s baptismal rite to infants as false religion and false gospel. They are not for the faint of heart or those who embrace a sentimental form of Christianity. They are straight-forward weighty words; without scatology and without compromise.

He then quotes from Spurgeon’s Sermon, “The Soul Winner”.  Here is an excerpt:

If we win souls, it shall be by other arts than Jesuits and shavelings can teach us. Trust not in any man who pretends to priesthood. Priests are liars by trade, and deceivers by profession. We cannot save souls in their theatrical way, and do not want to do so, for we know that with such jugglery as that, Satan will hold the best hand, and laugh at priests as he turns the cards against them at the last.

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