Dark Day Ministries — Freemasons, Illuminati & Templars – the Jesuit scam

510px-Ignatius_von_LoyolaHere is some interesting food for thought.  The author discounts the idea that there will be a future Illuminati New World Order.  There is so much information and misinformation available related to these topics that it is always good to rethink assumptions, check sources, etc.

The origin of the conspiracy theory that the Illuminati survived 1785 lies ultimately with a French Jesuit priest, Augustin Barruel.  Life had become increasingly difficult for Papists and their priests in France, but when the French Revolution occurred, Barruel fled France and found safety in England.  His aggression and research had for some time been regarding the rise of secular thought in Europe.  As his role as a Jesuit required, he wrote against Napoleon and the Revolution and sought to turn the British against the French, cleverly causing Rome’s enemies to fight each other.  From London, Barruel wrote Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism in 1797.  He postulated that the Illuminati had continued, despite evidence to the contrary, and were working through Freemasonry in a conspiracy to establish governments which were antimonarchical and anticlerical.  It was soon translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian etc. and became a transnational sensation.  Even political figures began to take the claims seriously and public discussion became so unavoidable that Freemasons from across Europe began writing openly in their defence against the theory.[1]

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I would note, however, that in this video, the author says that the original name for the Jesuits translated to “Illuminati,” so it would be better to know what exactly he means by the word “Illuminati” in this article (the Bavarian Illuminati?):