Gospel Coalition: “9 Things You Should Know About the Council of Trent”


1. The Council of Trent was the most important movement of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the Catholic Church’s first significant reply to the growing Protestants Reformation. The primary purpose of the council was to condemn and refute the beliefs of the Protestants, such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, and also to make the set of beliefs in Catholicism even clearer. Approximately forty clergymen, mainly Catholic bishops, were in attendance during the twenty-five times over the next eighteen years that the Council convened.

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In short, the Council of Trent (affirmed by Vatican II) also:

  1. Anathematized sola fide;
  2. Anathematized rejection of the Apocrypha as canonical;
  3. Affirmed transubstantiation;
  4. Rejected sola scriptura;
  5. Affirmed indulgences;
  6. Affirmed purgatory;
  7. Affirmed positions on marriage such as celibacy and denial of remarriage while having a living spouse; and
  8. Implemented the Gregorian calendar