Gleanings: The Papal Antichrist: A Call to Recognition and Opposition I

Papa Benedetto

My heart is heavy today because the flock of Christ has not been spared from being devoured by grievous wolves who have entered in among us. Through church history countless souls have been massacred, and even today false teachers keep speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them. Therefore we must watch and remember how for many years we have been warned by faithful men, most of whom died long ago, and yet speak by their writings (Acts 20.29-31). Today’s pastors in general may be less discerning than they were, and our churches more vulnerable to the ravaging menace which is the Roman Papacy.

Right before our very eyes, we are witnessing the Romanization of large segments of evangelicalism. Multitudes of evangelicals and their churches have imbibed the doctrines, spirit, and methodology of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Worship services of supposedly evangelical churches are gradually losing the plain exposition of Scripture for a spectacle of manmade rituals and performances, many taken from the RCC liturgy. Our departure today from a more traditional sermon on “Easter Sunday” may offend some, and that illustrates the pervasive influence of Rome’s liturgical and syncretistic calendar. “‘Easter’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring (Eostre or Ostara).”1 There is no biblical warrant for such an annual holy day. Every Lord’s Day is a remembrance of the risen Savior, but we digress.

My thesis is simple. The universal judgment of discerning church leaders, yesterday and today, is that

The Pope of Rome is either the Antichrist or an antichrist; therefore, we ought to oppose him and his religion.

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